District Court Ghazipur

District & Session's Court Ghazipur



The word Ghazipur does not figure as such in ancient Indian History, but according to some historians Raja Ghadhi father of Maharsi Jamdagni was from this place. During that period this place was covered with dense forests and in it many Ashrams were situated viz. Yamdagni (father of Parasuram) Ashram, Parsuram Ashram, Madan Van etc. The Maharshi Gautam's Ashram was near Ghazipur town some 16 Kms. east around the village Gauspur. Sarnath, where Lord Buddha got Bodhisatva or enlightenment in 6th century B.C is about 65 km. west from this district headquarter & falls in Varanasi district. Thus it became a center of Budha's preachings during his time . This town was an important centre during Buddhist period. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang mentions this locality as "Chanchu" meaning the soil of battlefields which is signified by many important battles fought here.

     Sessions Division of Ghazipur was established in Year 1936.At that time Ballia was tehsil of District Ghazipur.From Year 1955 Ballia becomes separate Sessions Division.Outlying Court Mohammdabad was established in Year 1899 under Sessions Divisions Varanasi after establishment of Ghazipur Sessions Division,Mohammadabad outlying court came under it. And Outlying court Saidpur was established more than 100 years ago. 

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