Majuli District Judiciary

About Majuli District Judiciary

Majuli a pilgrimage island of Assam where Vaisnavism has prospered since fifteenth century. The island is a paradise of biodiversity of flora and fauna, which is nurtured by the vast Brahmaputra River. It is known as the oldest and one of the largest inhabited riverine islands in the world and the place of numerous Satra Institutions carrying the heritage of socio-religious culture, and rich traditions of various art and literature. Majuli came into the prominence after the fifteenth century due to the Vaisnavite preachers and practitioners who stayed and established Satras here, primarily after the holy arrival of Srimanta Sankardeva, the pioneering Vaisnavite reformer and Saint flourished in significant way. He entrenched Vaisnavism in the land of Majuli through establishing the first Vaisnavite Satra at “Belaguri Dhuwahat” in West Majuli, which turned into a place of grandeur for the historic and auspicious, “Manikanchan Sanjog” (accumulation between Sankardeva and Madhavadeva). Sankardeva accumulated with his foremost disciple and associate Madhavadeva here and together propelled the new simpler form of Vaisnavism and started the socio-religious and cultural reformation of the place and then large number of monastic Institutions and Satras has been developed in the island of Majuli.

Majuli is also enriched by the vibrant multicoloured culture. The form of bhaona was introduced by Shrimanta Sankardeva to convey religious and cultural messages to the people through entertainment. Mask making is one of the most famous traditional crafts still practiced in Majuli. Manuscrot Writing, the practice of worshipping religious scriptures led to the emergence of paintings in manuscripts. Ankiya geet and Borgeets are the various types of music which have been composed since the time of Srimanta Sankardev.

Majuli is recognized as the first island district in India. Initially it was a subdivision under the district of Jorhat, however recently on 8th September, 2016 the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam Shri Sarbananda Sonowal announced Majuli as a separate district.

The S.D.J.M. court at Majuli was established on 16th March, 1992 and Ld. Mr. N. Sarmah was the first Sub Divisional Judicial Magistrate. But on the day of 21st May 2022, the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Suman Shyam, Judge, Gauhati High Court & Portfolio Judge for the district of Jorhat in the presence of Shri Bimal Borah, Hon’ble Minister, Sports & Youth Welfare, Cultural Affairs, Power & Tourism, Govt. of Assam inaugurated the Majuli District Judiciary at Garmur and Hon’ble Judge Shri Nogen Senabaya Deori has taken over charges as the first District & Sessions Judge of Majuli, and Ld. Magistrate Shri Bankim Sharma as the first Chief Judicial Magistrate of Majuli.