150th Birth Anniversary Of Mahatma Gandhi
District And Sessions Court Agra


Historical facts About Heritage Court building at Agra

  • Sadar Dewani Adalat & Sadar Nizamat Adalat was established on 01.01.1832 in this building.
  • Hon’ble High court established by Letters Patent of Her Majesty, dated the 17th of March 1866, at Agra. It was located in this building.
  • Hon’ble High court was shifted to Allahabad in the year 1869. Thereafter this building became the Court of District Judge Agra.
  • Rennovation work completed in the month of March 2013 and the District Judge’s Court started to function again from this building.

Important : Case number record (CNR) is unique ID number which remains constant and all the concerned parties and advocates are requested to ascertain the CNR Number of their respective cases from the concerned courts and to refer and use the same wherever required.


KIOSKs System has been installed and working now in Agra Judgeship Litigants can get their Case Status through KIOSKs Machine


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