New District Court Building at Ahmednagar

The New District Court Building is inaugurated at the auspicious hands of the Guardian Judges Hon'ble Shri Justice S.S. Shinde & Hon'ble Shri Justice A.M. Badar of Bombay High Court on 12th February, 2017.

The Six Storied (G+5) New District Court Building  is consisting 49 spacious Court Halls and its related offices with the facility of Six Lifts for Advocates/Litigant Public and Staff members and Six Lifts for Judicial Officers.

         Old District Court Building at Ahmednagar

According to the information given in the Gazetteer of Bombay Presidency Vol.XVII 1844 regular District Judges Court was  established at Ahmednagar  in 1827, however since 1823 Mr. W. W. Chammier was exercising appellate jurisdiction at Ahmednagar.    There were Assistant judges also both the judge and the Assistant  Judge had appellate powers. The appeals from the decisions of the Munsiffs were heard by the Assistant Judges and the District Judge  used to  hear the second appeals. This practice is noted in the year 1838.  In the period of 1862, the High Court was established at Bombay.   

Late Mr. justice Mahadev Govind Ranade worked as the Inspecting Judge in Ahmednagar from 1891 to 1895. Several eminent judges officiated as District judges at Ahmednagar.  Many of them later elevated  to Bench of Bombay High Court.

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