Guidelines - Complaints against Subordinate Judiciary

The Hon’ble High Court of Kerala, as per the O.M.No.D3-91499/2014 dated 15.10.2014, has informed that the Hon’ble The Chief Justice of India has expressed concern about large number of complaints being received in the High Courts against the members of Subordinate Judiciary. In this context, His Lordship has issued the following guidelines to be followed by all the High Courts for the sake of uniformity in procedure while dealing with such complaints viz :-
A. The complaint making allegations against members of the Subordinate Judiciary in the State should not be entertained and no action should be taken thereon, unless it is accompanied by a duly sworn Affidavit and verifiable material to substantiate the allegations made therein.
B. If action on such complaint meeting the above requirement is deemed necessary authenticity of the complaint should be duly ascertained and further steps thereon should be taken only after satisfaction of the competent authority designated by The Chief Justice of the High Court.
C. If the above requirements are not complied with, the complaint should be filed/lodged without taking any steps thereon.