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           -: ABOUT ANUPPUR :-

Initially Anuppur was under territorial jurisdiction of Shahdol district. First of all, here Court of Civil Judge-II started as a Link Court which was started on 18th March, 1987. It was inaugurated by the then the Finance, Law and Legislative Minister Shri Ram Kishore Shukla and the then District & Session Judge, Shahdol district Shri R.K. Sharma. This Link Court was for 7 days only in a month. Shri S.P. Shukla was the the presiding officer of Link Court who was linked wiht Shahdol district court. Shri K.G. Sureka was the second presiding officer, who was linked this court from Rajendragram Tehsil Court. At present, Anuppur is a District Court and Rajendragram is a Tehsil Court of this District Court. Before becoming as a Regular Court here worked Shri R.K. Shriwastawa, Shri Ravi Kumar Nayak, Shri A.L. Joshi, Shri L.R. Thakur. Shri U.C. Mishra, Shri Jitendra Narayan Singh and Shri Y.K. Guru as a presiding office from Ragendragram Tehsil Court until November, 2005 consecutively.

There was no separate building of Link Court in Anuppur. Link Court was functioning in the building of Municipal Council, Anuppur which provided only one hall to the Court and which was divided into two parts in which in one part Court was sitting and another part was using as Nazarat. It functioned here until 06.04.08.

In November, 2005 Anuppur Court of Civil Judge was started as a regular court and Shri Jitendra Narayan Singh was posted as a first presiding officer of the regular court, who is posted here as a Chief Judicial Magistrate, Anuppur at present.

For sitting of Court of Civil Judge, building was provided by the Government Tulsi College. At present in which District & Session court is functioning. There is no separate building of court which would be designed as requirements of court. The Government Tulsi College was shifted in another building and vacant building was provided to the Court by the concerned authority. Possession of this building was taken on 20.12.07 and the Court started sitting in this building on 07.04.08 which was inaugurated by the then District & Session Judge, Shahdol Shri K.D. Khan.

Adjacent to the then Government Tulsi College, 2.41 acre of land was alloted to the Court on 11.12.07.  Total 2.86 acre of land is in the name of Court.

This building of Court is situated on the road from Anuppur to Jaitahri and near Tehsil Office of Anuppur.

This District came into existence on 15th August, 2003 by re-organizing Shahdol district but this District was recognized as a Civil District in 2009.