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                        Bahraich is the part of Devipatan division. Bahraich is a city and a municipal board in Bahraich district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Located on the Saryu River, a tributary of river Ghaghra, Bahraich is 125 km north-east of  Lucknow, the state-capital.The nearby cities of Bahraich District are  Shrawasti (Bhinga),  BarabankiGondaBalrampurLakhimpur and Sitapur share local boundaries with Bahraich. A factor which makes this town important is the international border shared with the neighboring country, Nepal. According to Government of India, the district Bahraich is one of the minority concentrated district in India on the basis of the 2001 census data on population, socio-economic indicators and basic amenities indicators.

Origin of Name

There are four popular theories given for how Bahraich got its name-
          First and the most popular one is the Inventor of Universe, Lord Bhrama (Hindu belief) made Bahraich its capital. It was also known as part of Gandharva Forest. Even today north east area of several hundred square Kms of the district is covered with the forest. It is said that Brahma ji developed this area as the place of worship and meditation for Rishis & Sadhus or saints. Therefore this place came to known as “Brahmaich" hence, Bahraich.

          Second theory is an ancient tribe known as Bhars inhabited here and other parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh and the name is derived from them.

          The third theory is that the district got its name from the Arabic word bahr which means a large body of water. As the place is situated on the banks of river Ghaghra. The famous Arab visitor Ibne-ba-tuta is also said to have visited Bahraich and wrote that Bahraich is a beautiful city situated at the bank of holy river Saryu.

          Last theory is, it got its name from the Ashram of Rishi Bhar, a town near bahraich is named “Risiya” which was named rishi bhoomi in ancient times. The district of Bahraich was part of the Great Nanpara  Estate made up of lands belonging to the Raja of Nanpara. The Rajas of Nanpara owned more than three hundred villages in the District including all the forests. A large part of the education system in the district was the legacy of the late Raja Sadat Ali of Nanpara who built the major roads and hospitals.

Facts & Figures of  Bahraich

Bahraich District Demography 
Total Area 2017-18 5020 Sq.Km. Rural 4990.05  Sq.Km
Urban 29.95  Sq.Km
Total Population 2011 3487731 Male  1843884
Female 1643847
Rural 3203687
Urban 284044
Literacy rate 40.09%
Number of towns Census 2011
Statutory Nagar Nigam   0
Nagar Palika Parishad   2
Nagar Panchayat   2
Cantonment Board   0
 Number of villages Inhabited 1360
Uninhabited 32
Gram Panchayat 1054
Revenue 1392



Among many languages spoken in the district are Awadhi, a vernacular in the Hindi-Urdu continuum spoken by over 38 million people, mainly in the Awadh Region. Wide range of Awadhi is spoken in Bahraich.



          Bahraich is located at 27°35′N 81°36′E / 27.58°N 81.6°E / 27.58; 81.6. It has an average elevation of 126 metres (413 feet).



           Bahraich is well connected with other districts of Uttar Pradesh. Bahraich -Lucknow connected on NH28. UPSRTC Bus facility provides road connectivity toLucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Bareilly, Haridwar, Delhi,and Agra. However, Ministry of Railways is working on broad gauge line conversion (Gonda to Bahraich) and there have been talks to connect Bahraich with Lucknow and other major cities of Uttar Pradesh. Gonda to Bahraich railway route is closed since July 2016 and work is completed. This is expected to be started by May 2018. New rail line to Balrampur via Shravasti is approved and work is going to start soon. And as per news from rail ministry this will be extended to Mehndaval, KhalilabadThe frequency for the Lucknow is after every 15 minute.

          Bahraich( Jarwal Road Station) is also on Indian Railways route map and provided a meter gauge line,running from Gonda toBareilly and serve by several slow speed train and a express connecting Mathura to Gonda. Jarwal Road is a small station 65 km from District Headquarter and lies on Delhi-Katihar line. However there have been talks of the state government with Ministry of Railways for the past 16 years to develop broad gauge line and connect Bahraich with Lucknow and other major cities of Uttar Pradesh yet there has been no development at all in the section.

Distance Chart of Bahraich from Other Cities in India



 128.7 Km


101.2 Km


 62 Km


 63 Km


 549.7 Km


  131 Km


How to reach Bahraich

          By Air: There is no Airport in Bahraich however, closest major airport to Bahraich, India is  Nepalgunj Airport. This Airport is in Nepalganj, Nepal and is 66 Km from the center of Bahraich, India.

          The nearest major airport in India is Amausi Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights from Lucknow, India and is about 115 Km from the center of Bahraich, India.

          By Road: Bahraich has a good network of roads and national highway 28 C runs through the heart of the District. Bahraich is well connected with other districts of  Uttar Pradesh UPSRTC provides road connectivity to Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Haridwar, Bareilly, Delhi and Agra. The frequency for the Lucknow is after every 15 minute.

          By Rail: Bahraich is also on Indian Railways route map and provided a meter gauge line,running from Gonda to Bareilly  and serve by several slow speed train and an express connecting Kasganj to Gonda. Jarwal Road is a small station 65 km from District Headquarter and lies on Delhi-barauni line.


  • Bahraich is slowest growing city of state with no concentration received by any government so far.
  • Bahraich has good network of roads although no initiatives to link Bahraich with Lucknow via Railways. Average time taken by a state transport to travel a distance of 125 km is roughly 3 hours.
  • There are a no. of Banks in the city with multiple branches. State Bank of India, BOB, Punjab National Bank, Allahabad Bank, Axis Bank, IDBI Bank, HDFC and Allahabad UP Gramin Bank etc. Bank has each multiple branches.
  • There are multiple Inter Colleges, Degree Colleges, other Institutions, Hospitals and Markets in the city.
  • The District hospital is the biggest in the region with average facilities. Medical College and Trauma Center will be available soon here. 
  • Bahraich has a historical Clock-Tower (Ghantaghar), and many parks.
  • There are many of the complexes like Sumaiya Mall, V-Mart etc, Bazar India, Patanjali Mega Stores etc......

Historical places in Bahraich

  • Dargah of Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud
  • Surajkund Mandir
  • Chittaura Jheel
  • Ghantaghar(Clock Tower Of Bahraich)
  • Kartaniya Ghat
  • Sravasti-45 km from city center
  • Mari Mata Mandir
  • Jama Masjid
  • Nanpara Masjid= Gurudwara
  • Siddhnath Mandir
  • Sangharani Mata Mandir
  • Sati Mata Mandir
  • Sai Baba Mandir
  • Mahamda Samay Mata Mandir
  • Katahail wali masjid,opposite to Divinity Public school,Quazipura Bahraich


Origins of its Name


There are many theories about how Bahraich got its name. They include:

  • Bhars were ancient tribe inhabiting parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. The name Bahraich derives from them.
  • It is believed that there was an ancient Brahma Temple here ( not present now), thus giving the city the name - Brahmaich, thus, Bahraich.
  • Bahraich got its name from the Arabic word bahr which means a large body of water. Situated on the bank of river Ghaghra, it was named Bahraich.
  • It is also believed that Bahraich got its name from the Ashram of Mahirshi Bhar. A town near Bahraich is named as RISIYA which was named Rishi Bhumi in ancient times.

          The main occupation of the residents of Bahraich is agriculture. In the British period, Bahraich was a famous market for grains and pulses. Even today, it is famous for agricultural products like pulses, wheat, rice, corn, sugar, and mustard. Also, there are dense forests in Nanpara and Bhinga region which account for herbs and timber.