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The Ballia judgeship was established vide G.O. No. A5652/VII dated: 23.03.1957 and became permanent w.e.f 1 April 1958.

Earlier in 1905 the Ballia judgeship was established and still running. Before 1958 the District judge used to sit in Ballia two days in a week from Ghazipur Judgeship and used to do the sessions work.

The oldest building of Ballia Judgeship is Sessions Court building which was built in 1905 is still present in Ballia judgeship. This building has been declared as a Heritage building and has been modified internally. Presently this building is known as CJM Building.

Present status

The total number of sanctioned courts in Ballia judgeship is 41. The 23 concerned court rooms are functional among 5 buildings i.e. a 10 Court-Rooms Building, 4 Court-Rooms Building, 2 Court-Rooms Building, a CJM Block, FTC Block and a Family Court Building. Other than these buildings there is a Record-Room Building, Library, Civil & Criminal Bar Building, Advocate Chambers building, Kendriya Computer Kaksha, ADR Building, Family Court Building and a Lockup. Newly constructed 14 Court-room building has also been Constructed other than the main premisis. The Judicial Service Centre is made functional in the Kendriya Computer Kakshya.






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