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District Court Balod
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Bench 1 District and Sessions Judge Shri K Vinod Kujur Shri C L Dadsena, Advt Click Here
Smt Manorama Deshmukh, Advt
Bench 2 I Addl District & Sessioss Judge Shri Manoj Kumar Singh Thakur Shri Pravin Kumar Sahu, Advt Click Here
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Bench 3 I Civil Judge Class-I &
Chief Judicial Magistrate
Smt Shyamwati Maravi Shri Sanjay Kumar Sahu, Advt Click Here
Ms Seema Yogi, Advt
Bench 4 I Civil Judge Class-II Ms Astha Yadav Shri Akhileshwar Nath Yogi, Advt Click Here
Shri Khageshwarnand, Advt
Civil Court Gunderdehi
Bench 5 Civil Judge Class-I Shri Pankaj Dixit Shri Vinay Kumar Banjare, Advt Click Here
Shri Tikam Singh Sahu, Advt
Civil Court Doundilohara
Bench 6 Civil Judge Class-II Ms Shweta Patel Shri Tuman Lal Sahu, Advt Click Here
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Civil Court Dallirajhara
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Shri Lokendra Bhuary, Advt

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Balod is a town in bank of river Tandula , it is 44km from Dhamtari and 58 km from Durg & 56km from Rajnandgaon. There are two Dams nearby Tandula and Aadmabaad built on rivers sukha and tandula in 1913. Balod become the 19th district of Chhattishgarh.

Evolution of Civil Court :

          In the establishment of Civil court ,it was gradually devloped , By posting of Shri R.S. Upadhyay a link Court of Civil Judge Class-II was commenced on 2-10-1969 , in tahsil premises & , and sitting of regular court had from 1973. In the year 1985 court of civil judge class – I was established . Civil Court building was inaguarated on 15 January ,1995 by Shri U.L.BHAT, Chief Justice of M.P. High Court( retd.) in the august presence of Justice Shri M.V. Tamaskar, former judge of M.P. High Court. Since 1998 , the Court of Additional District and Sessions Judge was started by Shri Deo Raj Singh. Recently, it was notified as Civil District though revenue district was declared from 10-01-2012.

           District & Sessions Court at Balod was inaugurated on 2nd October 2013 by Hon'ble Shri Justice Sunil Kumar Sinha Judge, Chhattisgarh High Court. Hon'ble Shri Justice P. Sam Koshy Portfolio Judge of Balod District Court. Shri Deepak Kumar Tiwari has been joined as first District & Sessions Judge.


          Balod is located at 20°.73' N 81°.2'E. It has an average elevation of 324 meters (1063 feet). Area : 3608.63 Sq. Km.

  •             Population :                       8,26,165
  •             Density of Population :   228.09 per sq. Km.
  •             Forest Area :                     32.14%
  •             Agricultural Area :            1,88,924 Hector.
  •             Main Rivers :                     Tandula, Sukha, Kharkhara, Gondli.


           As of 2001 India census Balod had a population of 21,044. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Balod has an average literacy rate of 73%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with 56% of the males and 44% of females literate. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Administrative Features :

Revenue Sub Division :    03 Sanjari Balod, Doundilohara, Gunderdehi.

Tahsil/Block :  05 Sanjari Balod, Doundilohara, Gunderdehi, Doundi,  Gurur

Municipal Council : 02 Balod, Dallirajhara.

Nagar Panchayat : 06 Doundi Lohara, Gunderdehi, Arjunda, Chikhalakasa, Gurur, Doundi.

Village Panchayat : 393

Village : Revenue Village - 690, Forest Village - 16, Irrigation Village - 03

Educational Features :

  • College : 09
  • Industrial Training Institute : 06
  • Higher Secondary School : 119
  • High School : 62
  • Middle School : 428
  • Primary School : 906

Means of Transport :

Bus Transport : Approx total travel bus in balod district 165. to connect Durg, Dhamtari, Rajnandgaon, Dallirajhara, Doundi, Doundilohara, Pakhanjore, Kanker, Kondagaon & Jagdalpur cities. It is 44 km from Dhamtari and 58 km from Durg & 56km from Rajnandgaon. Distance from H.O. Gunderdehi 30K Dallirajhara 22km & Doundilohara 17km.

Railway Transport : Available on train from Raipur & Durg cities.

Ganga Maiya Temple ( JHALMALA) :

             It is situated 3 k.m. from Balod.The history of Ganga Maiya Temple goes like this: Once a fisherman catching fish in the pond near the village encountered an idol that got caught in the net, along with the fish. However hard he tried to immerse the idol in water sifting it from his net, it just remained stuck inside. Frustrated, he went home. That very same night, a tribal villager, Gond had a dream about “I am being ignored by fishermen and take me out and get installed”. Taking this as a sermon from the goddess, Gond, the tribal went to the pond the next morning and retrieving the idol, installed it in a “kuccha” hut, near the village. As it was brought from water, hence the idol was named Ganga Maiya.

           Initially it was renovated by Shri Bhikam Chand Tawri and a fresh temple-shape was given. After this, the whole reconstruction process begun and is now the premiere place bustling with activities. The trust takes care of the temple and other multitasking, like cultural activities and problem solving of the villagers. Medical camps are arranged from time to time to serve the poor people; free medicines are distributed. The darshan timings of Ganga Mailya temple are: Morning: 6am to 12 am. and from Afternoon 1 pm to 9 pm.

Kapileshwar Temple Balod :

           This is old Shiv Temple of archeological importance. It is Coal built in the refine of Nagawanshi Gond ruler. It is situated 1 KM from Balod in Baghmara Road.

Shiv Temple (Balod) :

           Shiv Temple situated in Dasondhi tank in Balod.

Dam :

          There are two Dams nearby Tandula and Aadmabaad built on rivers sukha and tandula in 1913. It is located 5 km from Balod . The dam project was completed in 1921 in the confluence of Tandula and Sukha Nala rivers. The dam stores water from catchment area of 827.2 km. The gross storage capacity of the reservoir is 312.25 million cubic metres and the highest flood level is 333.415 m.

Dalli Rajhara :

          Dalli Rajhara is home of iron ore captive mines for Bhilai Steel Plant, the largest integrated steel plant in India. Dalli mines deposit was discovered by Pramatha Nath Bose, the first Indian graded officer of the Geological Survey of India around 1900. Dalli is also famous for the labour reform leader late Shankar Guha Niyogi. The Bordih dam is a beautiful picnic spot. The surrounding hills and forests are home to many species of wildlife. Dalli Rajhara is surrounded by seven beautiful hills. Rajhara is rich in green patches across the town. Rajhara Baba Mandir Saptagiri Park, Dev Pandum, Munda Pahad, Bordih Dam, Mahamaya Mandir, Siyadevi, Ganga Maiya, and Borshi Dam are all places of interest.

Maa Danteshwari Sugar Factory :

        In the Development of Co-operative movement, this factory has been commenced in the year 2005 by the state Government.

Some Visited Places of Balod District :

 Siyadehi Temple.  Mahamaya Temple.  Ranimai Temple.  Bahadur Kalarin Machi.  Mahapashan Kalin Kabra Samuha Karkabhat.  Shail Shikhar Khol Dongri.  Sidhashakti Peeth Chourel.  Shiv Temple Palari.  Bishnu Temple Oteband.  Pateshwar Dham.  Narmada Dham.  Hanuman Temple Kamroud.  Budha Talab Gond Era Museum.  Budhadev Bhothali.  Kal Bhairav & Deuer Temple Gurur.  Chandi Temple Kanwar.  Bhola Pathar.