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The District and Sessions Court, Bastar, at-Jagdalpur, C.G. was established on 14th November, 1969 by dividing the establishment of the District and Sessions Court, Rajnandgaon. On 2nd October, 2003 the District and Sessions Court, Dakshin Bastar Dantewara and on 6th October, 2006 the District and Sessions Court, Uttar Bastar Kanker were separated from this establishment. On 24th October 2013 District sessions court Kondagaon was seperated from this establishment. The District and Sessions Court building is situated at the prime location of the town, between All India Radio Station and Indira Priyadarshini Statdiam on Bus Stand-Railway Station road, Jagdalpur. The District and Sessions Court has been shifted from the old building to the new building on 20th March, 1995, before this the court's sitting place was the old hospital building near the Royal Palace.

Bastar Civil District


       Bastar Civil District is the north-eastern part of former Bastar kingdom and present Bastar Division of Chhattisgarh State. It has rich history and historic haritage.

      Batar, niebouring Koraput-Kalahandi and south-east Chhattisgarh regions are known as Mahakantar during 4th to 7th century AD. Emperor Samudragupt of Gupt dynasty conquered Mahakantar, but did'nt kept for long. In that period Bastar was under Nal dynesty. King Vilastung of this dynesty built the Rajeevlochan temple at Rajim, district Gariyaband. After this during 8th to early 14th century Naag dynesty ruled over the Bastar. During this period Bastar was known as Chakrakoot or Chakrakot. Chalykya or socalled Kaktiya dynesty ruled from 1324 AD to 1947 AD. Chalukya dynesty named this kingdom as Bastar. In its long history capital is transferred here and there. The last capital Jagdalpur is established on 1770 AD. Bastar kingdom merged in Republic of India on 1st January, 1948.

Historical Places

       Bastar revenue district has several historical places. Garh Bodra, Narayanpal, Kuruspal, Temra, Chitrakot, Lohandigura, Garhiya, Chhindgaon, Bastar, Gurhiyari-Kesharpal, Ratenga, Karekot, Sataspur, Garh Chandela, Teerathgarh, Rajpur, Chitapur, Devra, Pathri, Dodrepal and Jagdalpur are main historical places in the district.


       Bastar has its own reginal tribal and Hindu culture distinct from other regions. Jagnnath Rath Yatra and Dussera are famous religios fastival.


      Bastar is a plateau between the basin of the Mahanadi and the Godavari rivers. Bastar has rich flora and fauna with different beautiful geographical structures.