District & Sessions Court, Beed.

The District and Sessions Court is functioning at Beed since 1889 A.D. The Civil Proceeding of Appeals have been preserved in this District Court from the year 1889 A.D.

The Beed district is previously known as “Bhir” due to full of water nearby city. Before it, this district was known as “Champavati-Nagri”.


The District court was presiding over by the Judges of England. Various freedom fighters were punished by the Judges of England in this district, before independence/freedom of India. The district was relieved by late Shri. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel from the regime of “Nizam” by Military Action in the year 1948. The district is known as “District of Freedom fighter's”. So also, presently the district is known as “Supplier” of sugar-cane-cutter-labour”.


The Beed is historical place since very long. The big river named “Godavari” is flowing through border of this district. Various famous temples are located in this district. One of the “Jyotirling” of Lord Shankar is located at Parli-Vaijnath in this district. So also temple of Lord shankar surrounded by Water namely “Kankaleshwar” is located in the Beed city. The said temple was constructed by Queen “Champavati”. The famous Deity “Jogai (Devi)” is located at Ambajogai in this district. The famous Deity “Khandeshwari” is located in Beed City. The very oldest (founder of poems) poet “Mukundraj” hails from Ambajogai. The very oldest “Hatti-khana” (big stones Elephants) located near Ambajogai city. The old name of Ambajogai is “Mominabad” and there was Sessions Court till 1945, at Mominabad which was called as “Jayed Nazam Court”.


The very old historical place Dharur is in Beed District. There is very oldest Fort at Dharur, which is constructed by “Kishwarkhan”. There was Prince Dharsing therefore, this place is known as Dharur. Dharur is very oldest business place for Gold since 1658.


Beed, Ambajogai and Parli are the cultural and religious places in this district. There were very old courts buildings constructed by Government of England and Government of Nizam. The District Bar Association, Beed has given number of eminent Judges to the State Judiciary.