HISTORY OF BEGUSARAI DISTRICT AND JUDGESHIP

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    Begusarai District occupies a central position in North Bihar. In 1870 it was established as a sub-divison of the Munger district. It emerged as a district in 1972. It was named after "Begu" a man of this district who used to look after "Sarai" an old and small market. It lies in North Bihar between latitudes 25°15' and 25°45' north and longitudes 85°45' and 86°36" east. This town expands perpendicularly from east to west which used to be a main link road.
    Begusarai district is bounded on the north by Samastipur, on the south by the Ganga and the Lakhisarai district, on the east by Khagaria and Munger and on the west by the Samastipur and Patna districts.
    Begusarai is nationally and internationally known for its industrial recognition. Major industrial units are: Indian Oil Refinery- Barauni, and Hindustan Fertilizer Limited -Barauni, Thermal power station- Barauni and hundreds of small industrial units in the private sector. This district has potential for agro- based industries because of large production of maize and oilseeds, etc.
    Begusarai is well connected to other parts of Bihar and India through railways as well as roads. New Delhi - Gawahati railway line passes through Begusarai. Small aerodrome is in Ulao which is five kms far from the district headquarters and is used on the arrival of important personalties. Railway has a route of 119 km (B.G.) and 67 km (M.G.). Barauni Railway Junction occupies an important position. A number of important trains originate from this station for distant destinations, viz, Delhi, Guwahati, Amritsar, Varanasi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Rajendra Setu on the Ganga connects Begusarai to Patna Districts at Mokama. There are 18 railway stations in this district. Interior parts of the district are connected to the main roads. The National Highways 28 and 31 link this district to the other parts of the country. Its total length is 95 km. State roads have the total length of 262 km. 95% of the total villages is linked to the rural and urban road facilities.
    Begusarai is a full-fledged revenue district since the year 1972, but it got the status of Begusarai District Judgeship on 13th October 1977 to keep control over the legal affairs and to meet with the growing legal requirements of the people of Begusarai. Sri Sachida Nand Prasad Sinha got privilege of being the first District & Sessions Judge of Begusarai. The Judgeship was inaugurated by the then Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.P. Singh, High Court Patna. This Begusarai judgeship has a Munsifi subdivision at Manjhaul established in the year 1997.
    Civil Court buildings situates in the heart of the town, I.e, in Pokharia Mohalla of Begusarai Town and are in two blocks separated by 'Nayay Marg'. The courts and offices of the District & Sessions Judge, Family Court, Additional District and Sessions Judges and Fast Track Courts are running in the main building of Eastern block. The remaining courts and offices are running in western block. One Sub-Divisional court of Manjhaul situates at Manjhaul Sub-Division which is about 15 km far from district headquarter.
Second Sub-Divisional court of Bakhri situates at Bakhri Sub Division which is about 35 km far from district headquarter.
Third Sub-Divisional court of Ballia situates at Ballia Sub Division which is about 18 km far from district headquarter.
Forth Sub-Divisional court of Teghra situates at Teghra Sub Division which is about 23 km far from district headquarter.
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