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1 Sri Shiv Gopal Mishra No View

At present Bhagalpur Judgeship consists of two sub-division Courts i.e Naugachia Sub-Divisional Court and Kahalgaon Sub-Divisional Court. At- Naugachia the Court shifted in the year 1986 vide D.J. order No. 72 dated 12.08.1986. Before this the Sub Divisional Court of Naugachia was running at Bhagalpur. Sub-Divisional Court at Kahalgaon was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Justice L.N. Reddy, Patna High Court on 30th March 2015.

A full fledged Family Court headed by Principal Judge in the rank of D.J. has been established at Bhagalpur. Beside this 3(Three) Fast Track Courts at Sadar Bhagalpur headed A.D.J.’s on the Adhoc basis have also been established and running in Judgeship of Bhagalpur.

The establishment and inaugration of Ten-Courts at Bhagalpur was done on 24th December 2016 by The District and Sessions Judge, Shri Arbind Madhav.

A permanent Lok Adalat and D.L.S.A is also established and running full fledged in this Judgeship. Legal Aid- cum Conciliation Centre (Bidhik Sahayata Sah- Sulah Kendra) has also been established and functioning under the supervision of D.L.S.A., Bhagalpur.

            At present Sri Shiv Gopal Mishra is the District & Sessions Judge of Civil Court, Bhagalpur.