District Court Bhiwani
District Court Bhiwani


The Bhiwani District Court came into existence on 22.12.1972 and was formally inaugurated on January 14,1973. Sh. R.S. Gupta was the first District & Sessions Judge, Bhiwani. From initial strength of 10-15 members, the District Bar Association, Bhiwani has also grown in strength and presently there are about 1695 Advocates enrolled as members of District Bar Association, Bhiwani. The district derives its name from the headquarter town Bhiwani which was believed to be a corruption of the word Bhani. It was founded by the Rajput named Neem and Bhani. The Bhani word later on changed to Bhiani and subsequently to Bhiwani.

The District of Bhiwani situated in between latitude 28.19 degree and 29.05 degree and longitude 75.28 degree and 76.28 degree. It is bounded in the north by the Hisar (Hissar) district, in the east by the Rohtak district, in the south by the Mahendergarh district of Haryana and the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan and in the west by the Churu district and a part of the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. (See Gazetteer of India, Haryana State, Bhiwani District, Page No.1).
The district occupied an area of 5099 Sq.Km. It is 124 Kms from Delhi and 285 Kms from Chandigarh. By road District Bhiwani is connected with cities like Delhi, Rohtak, Pilani, Jaipur and by rail it is connected with Delhi, Mathura, Malda Town, Jaipur, Firozpur, Chandigarh and Amritsar.
There are two main industrial units in Bhiwani i.e. Bhiwani Textile Mills established in the year 1937 and another T.I.T. Mills established in the year 1943 set up by well-known Birla Group (See Gazetteer of India, Haryana State, Bhiwani District, page No.194). There is also a Technical Institute of Textile a renowned educational institution opened and run by Birla family itself besides many other important Technical and Engineering Institutes in District Bhiwani. It has been a centre of commerce since the time of Mughals. There are numerous temples in Bhiwani including Gauri Shankar temple and in near past it was also known as CHHOTI KASHI OF INDIA.

2. HISTORY OF DISTRICT CHARKHI DADRI (Under Juricdiction of District Bhiwani)
Charkhi Dadri is a town and a municipal committee in Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana, India. The town was made by joining the villages of Charkhi and Dadri after urban development. Charkhi was founded by Dada Bilhan Singh (a Phogat tribal leader), and the name is derived from the local name of old warriors of Jatsangh - kshatriya. Dadri was founded by Raja Bilhan Singh, a younger son of the Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan according to some history books.

Loharu is a city and a municipal committee in Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana, Indian. It is one of the 4 administrative sub-divisions of the district, and has 119 villages in the Loharu Tehsil. It was the seat of the eponymous princely state during the British Raj, established in 1803; and an important reminiscence of that is the Loharu Fort, now an important tourist destination of the district.

Siwani is a City in Siwani Tehsil in Bhiwani District in the state of Haryana, India. It belongs to Hisar Division. It is located 61 KM towards west from District headquarters Bhiwani. It is a Tehsil head quarter. Siwani Mandi is very famous in the Bhiwani district for its agricultural market. There are many Guar Gum factories in Siwani.

Tosham is a town and a municipal committee in Bhiwani district in the Indian state of Haryana. History of Tosham dates back to at least 4th century, as evident by the Sanskrit language Tosham rock inscription at Tosham hill. Tosham Hill also has a Baradari known as Prithvi Raj ki Kacheri. Tosham was under Gupta rule in 4th Century as per the inscription, later it came under Tomars and Chauhan (Prtithvi Raj who built the Baradari) Rajput rulers, before falling into the hands of Delhi Sultanates, Mohguls and British Raj. During 1857 revolt, Hindu officials of British Raj based at Tosham were killed by Bhatti and Ranghar Muslim Rajputs of Jamalpur and Mangali. It has been awarded with title of "Adarsh Village". There is one small mountain of Aravali Mountain Range. Temple of "Baba Mungipa" is situated on this mountain. This temple is very famous and popular in local area.