District Court Bhojpur


Bhojpur District

Bhojpur district was created in 1972 by dividing Shahabad districts in two parts, namely, Bhojpur and Rohtas for the sake of administrative convenience, The present Bhojpur district came to its existence in 1992 when Buxar subdivision of the district was notified as a new district. At present Bhojpur district is surrounded by Saran and Balia (U.P) on the north, Rohtas on the South, Buxar on the West and Patna, Jehanabad and Arwal districts on the east.

The Word ‘ARA’ was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ Aranya ’ which means forest. It shows that this place was surrounded by dense forests in the ancient time. According to a myth during banishment when Pandavas were living in this region, they used to worship the goddess Aranya. Bhimsen killed monster ‘ Bakasur ’ at Chakra Ara and this was, later on, called ‘Ara’.An old temple of Devi Aranya is still present in this town. It appears that these forests were destroyed by Mughal invaders between 1759 to 1765.

Bhojpur district has its own significance, Buxar, which was part of this district before 1992 is well known due to ‘Ashram of Maharshi Vishwamitra’ where Lord Ram got his education and battle of Buxar in 1764.The district played important role in the War of Independence from British regime. One of the heroes of ‘ Sepoy Mutine ’of 1857 Babu Kunwar Singh of Jagdishpur fought against the British at the age of 80 and his bravery got an important place in the history. ‘Arrah House ’ situated in the heart of the town (Maharaja College) is a memorable moment of his exemplary bravery.

Bhojpur Judgeship

According to the available data this Judgeship was earlier functioning as Shahabad judgeship at Arrah since 09.-04.-1885.Then , Sub divisional court’s at Sasaram, Bhabhua and Buxar were functioning under this Judgeship , on 23.12.1978, there was a division of the Shahabad Judgeship at Arrah into two independent Judgeships viz. Judgeship of Bhojpur at Ara with judicial subdivision at Buxar and Judgeship of Rohtas at Sasaram with sub division at Bhabhua. On 09.12.1992, Buxar was established as a full-fledged judgeship after being carved out from the Bhojpur Judgeship. Further, on 15th June 2015 two sub divisions of Bhojpur Judgeship was created namely Jagdishpur and Piro.

Mr. F.H.Harding, I.C.S. was District judge from 09.04.1885 to 31.12.1900 of the Shahabad Judgeship. Sri Bageshwari Prasad Grigaghey was the first District judge of the Bhojpur judgeship was the first District Judge of the Bhojpur Judgeship.

It is a matter of pride for this Judgeship that four of the District & Sessions judge

  • (1) Shri Medani Prasad Singh
  • (2) Sri Bageshwari Prasad Grigaghey
  • (3) Shri Phani Bhushan Prasad
  • and (4) Shri Ram Narayan Lal

were elevated to the Hon’ble Bench as Hon’ble Judges.


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