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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal

Chief Justice , Highcourt of  Judicature of Allahabad.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vivek Kumar Singh

Administrative Judge, Budaun

Zafeer Ahmad

District Judge, Budaun

Budaun Judgeship was established in the year 1913. Budaun was under Shahjahanpur Judgeship before year 1913 and the work of Civil and Criminal Cases relating to Budaun, Bisauli, Bilsi, Dataganj, Gunnaur and Sahaswan  was takenup at Budaun Judgeship. Sahaswan was under  Munsif Budaun and Bisauli was under  Budaun before year 1960 (i.e Bisauli was called as Munsif Bisauli at Budaun).

Admj and Jos both the courts were running before 1st April 1974 and after year 1974 Admj Court was converted  into Chief Judicial Magistrate Court and Jos Court was converted into Judicial Magistrate Court.

Several Courts created in Budaun Judgeship, are  given below with their years:

Dacoitee Affected Area(DAA) 1982
Essential Commodities Court (Ec Act) 1984
Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribue 1984
Munsif Court  (Sahaswan) 1987
Munsif Court (Bisauli)  1990
Family Court  2013 
Fast Track Court  2016
Parmanent Lok Adalat 2017



District Court Location
S.No. Name of Court Complex Longitude Latitude
1 District Court Budaun 79.13205 28.02757
2 Outlying Court Sahaswan 78.7514458 28.0701352
3 Outlying Court Bisauli 78.934633 28.3099233






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