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People come to the courts with variety of grievances and most of them do not know as to whom they have to contact to get their work done. Some useful information for the sake of litigant/ public is furnished as under.


This section deals with the matter relating to vacancies, appointments, transfers and promotions, postings, CCA (Clarification, Control and Appeals), pleadings and all applications are to be filed before this court and are received in this section. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) who is the head of the Administrative Section is assisting the District Judge in Administrative and other matters.

Civil pending branch

This section deals with all the matters pertaining to civil side, such as putting up of order sheets, maintaining pending records and registers, issue of summonses etc.,

Criminal pending branch

This section deals with all matters pertaining to Criminal side including the properties (Material objects) in criminal cases.

Copying branch

This section receives all the copy applications being filed by the parties and advocates both on Civil and Criminal cases, prepares the certified copies and delivers the same to the applicants.

Accounts branch

This section maintains the Service Registers of District Court Staff. Daily Transactions of money matters pertaining to Civil Court Deposit / Criminal Court Deposit, pay and allowances, pension papers and payment of Batta to witnesses under the supervision of Accounts Sheristedar.

Central process branch

The Process Nazer is the head of the branch and deals with all the matters pertaining to Process Section i.e. receiving processes, notices, injunction, Orders and all types of warrants to be executed and numbering the same with XXVI No. and entrusting the same to the process staff for service and execution and return the same. Further the Nazer deals with the matters pertaining to Audit Reports of all the sub-ordinate courts in the District.

Central record room

It is the custodian of all the Civil and Criminal cases disposed of on the file of various courts in the District including the District Court .

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