About Davangere Court

Manchester of Karnataka

‘Ganga snana Tunga pana’. It is glad to say that Tungabhadra river is flowing adjacent to Davanagere district touching Honnali and Harihara taluks. Between 1210 A.D. and 1247 A.D., Davanagere was under the administration of Yadavas. Davanagere is originated from Dyavanakere. Davanagere City is geographically situated in the centre of Karnataka State. Earlier in Davanagere there were many cotton industries i.e., Davanagere Cotton Mill, Yallamma Cotton Mill, Ganesha Cotton Mill, Siddeshwara Cotton mill and many more. Hence it was also called as Manchester of Karnataka. But, for one or the other reason, now these mills have been stopped. Now Davanagere is having its name for Higher education. In Davanagere J.J.M.Medical college, B.D.T.Engineering College, Bapuji Engineering College and G.M.Institute of Technology have their own name and fame in quality education. With the blessings of late Sri.J.H.Patel, Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Davanagere district came in to existence w.e.f 15.8.1997 alongwith other six districts Haveri, Gadag, Udupi, Koppal, Bagalkote and Chamarajanagara. It is surrounded with Bellary and Chitradurga districts on East, Chikkamagalur and Shimoga districts on South and Haveri on West. Tungabhadra river is entering the district at Honnali and flows towards Bellary after passing Harihara. Davanagere district is about 5975.99 Sq.Kms in area. The district has been divided in two divisions i.e., Davanagere and Harapanahalli. In all there are 24 Hoblis. It has 6 Taluka Panchayaths and 230 village panchayaths. As per census of the year 2001, there are 923 villages in the district. The total population is 1790952 as per census of 2001. Amongst them 917705 are males and 873247 are female. The district has 3.39% of total population of Karnataka state. There are 333227 population coming under Scheduled Caste and 209701 coming under Scheduled Tribe. The literacy is at 58.38%. The main crops of the district are paddy, maize and ragi, besides oil seeds and pulses. The famous Shanthisagara (Sulekere) is the second biggest tank in Asia continent covering 6548 acres. As per cattle census there are 400672 cattle in the district. Davanagere city is named for Benne dose. N.H.4 is passing through the city. Lord Duggamma is the goddess of Davanagere city. Davanagere is also famous for cloth business. Two sugar industries are also working in Davanagere district i.e., Bathi Sugar Factory and Kukkuwada Sugar Factory. In Harihara there was Kirloskar Industry. Now it is closed. Historically there is Harihareshwara temple, in Harihara city, built by Hoysala dynasty. The idol Harihareshwara is the combination of Hari and Hara. In Santebennur of Channagiri taluk there is a beautiful pushkarani. In Harapanahalli taluk there is historical temple at Bagali, named for its sculpture. Uchchangidurga is the destiny of Lord Uchchangi, which is also in Harapanahalli taluk.

Names of the Taluks in Davanagere District
Talukas Hobli No. of Villages
Davanagere 3 166
Harihara 2 84
Jagalur 3 171
Honnali 6 173
Harapanahalli 4 80
Channagiri 6 249
Establishment of Courts, Sanctioned & Working Strength of Staff in Davanagere District
Sl. No. Name of the court Date of Establishment of court Sanctioned Strength Working Strength
1. Prl. District & Sessions Court, Davanagere 17.6.2000 66 50
2. I Addl.District & Sessions Court, Davanagere 01.7.2009 7 4
3. II Addl. District & Sessions Court, Davanagere 01.7.2009 7 6
4. Family Judge Court, Davanagere 04.8.2002 27 15
5. Prl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.) & CJM., Davanagere 01.1.1975 33 23
6. I Addl..Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.) & CJM., Davanagere 01.1.1999 8 6
7. II Addl.Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.), Davanagere 09.2.2001 7 5
8. III Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.) Davanagere 23.5.2009 6 2
9. Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.) Harihara 25.6.2002 40 21
10. Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.) & JMFC., Harapanahalli 09.2.2009 55 27
11. Civil Judge (Sr.Dn.) & JMFC., Channagiri 20.11.2010 36 1
12. Prl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) Davanagere 04.10.1966 26 18
13. Addl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn) Davanagere 06.1.1992 7 3
14. Prl..Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) & JMFC., Harihara 07.8.1981 21 12
15. Addl. Civil Judge & J.M.F.C., Harihara 19.4.2003 7 1
16. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) & JMFC, Honnali 30.3.1989 27 21
17. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) & JMFC., Harapanahalli 09.10.1964 29 17
18. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) & JMFC., Jagalur 22.1.1994 17 11
19. Prl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) & JMFC.,Channagiri 26.6.1986 29 17
20. Addl. Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) & JMFC., Channagiri 18.1.2003 6 3
21. JMFC I Court., Davanagere --- 22 12
22. JMFC II Court, Davanagere 18.7.1992 19 10
  Total 502 285