District Court Kanpur Nagar

Constitution and Jurisdiction

Criminal Justice
The Sessions Court has the power to exercise the sessions trails of original Jurisdiction and committed by the Magistrate courts. In addition to the session courts there are the eighteen courts of additional session Judges, and four courts of Additional Sessions Judges (ex cadre).
There are three special courts namely Special court (SC/ST Act) and Special Court(E.C. Act) and Special Court (Gangster Act)There are the courts of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Special Chief Judicial Magistrate, Nine Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and ten Metropolitan Magistrate and two Special Metropolitan Magistrate

Civil Justice
The District Judges courts are formed original as well as appellate court of civil cases. There are eighteen courts of Additional District Judge and three courts of Special Addl. District Judge.
Judge Small Causes Court, Civil Judge (Sr.Div.) and Civil Judge (Jr.Div.) Courts are parental courts of civil cases depending on the valuation of cases.
There are two courts of Addl. J.S.C.C., three additional Civil Judge (Sr. Div.) and three additional Civil Judge (Jr.Div.) in addition to above courts.

Family Court
In District Court Two Family Courts are working which consists of Principal Family Court Judge and Additional Principal Family Court Judge. The court runs in New main building.

Juvenile Justice Board
After the enactment of The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, is substituted by Juvenile Justice Board consisting of a Metropolitan Magistrate & two members. In Kanpur Nagar Judgeship Juvenile Justice Board is functioning since 12.10.2004.

District Consumer Forum
The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is benevolent social legislation that lays down the rights of consumers and provides for promotion and protection of the rights of consumers. The District Consumer Forum of Kanpur Nagar is working since 10.11.1988.

Permanent Lok Adalat
The Permanent Lok Adalat of Kanpur Nagar is functioning since 09.03.2010 under Section 22 B under Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 .