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                                         HISTORY OF DEORIA JUDGESHIP

     District Deoria is one of the Eastern district of Uttar Pradesh. It came into existence in the year 1946. The name DEORIA is derived from 'Devaranya' or probably 'Devpuria' as believed according to official gazettes. Deoria generally means a place where there are the bunch of temples, Deoria name developed by a fossil(broken) Shiva Temple by the side of 'Kurna River' in its north side. District & Session Judge' s Courts was created on 12 September 1946. Prior to it, this Judgeship was under the Administrative control of District Judge Gorakhpur. Before the creation of District & Sessions Judge' s Court only Civil and Sessions Judge's Court was in existence. After the creation of District & Sessions judge's Court Sri Chandra Prakash Sharma was posted as 1st District & Session Judge,Deoria.


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