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District & Sessions Judge Court Dhenkanal
The District & Sessions Judge Court Dhenkanal


 The District of Dhenkanal is constituted into a District Judgeship & Sessions Division styled as ‘’Dhenkanal Judgeship & Sessions Division’’ in the view of the Government of Odisha Law Department Notification No. 21472/L Dated 22.12.1976 and started functioning with effect from 1st January 1977. Since that date the Court of District Judge, Dhenkanal is functioned with its Head Quarters at Dhenkanal having its Administrative Jurisdiction over the other subordinate Civil & Criminal Courts which are functioning in the sub-divisions of Dhenkanal Sadar, Hindol, Kamakhyanagar, Bhuban, Angul, Talcher, Athamallik and Pallahara. Initially the number of Advocates enrolled in Dhenkanal District Bar Association was about 64 as appears from Advocate Register and presently there are about 806 Advocates enrolled as members of District Bar Association.

In the year 1993 Angul was constituted as a separate Revenue District but the District & Sessions Judge, Dhenkanal is continued as before having his Administrative Jurisdiction over the Angul District & he acted as the District & Sessions Judge of both the Districts i.e. Dhenkanal & Angul.

         In the year 2010 Revenue District Angul is constituted as a District Judgeship and Sessions Division, styled as ‘’Angul Judgeship & Sessions Division’’ with head quarters at Angul vide Law Department Notification No.7269/L Dated 12.07.2010, with a stipulation there in that it will function w.e.f. the date the said Judgeship & Sessions Division open subsequently, as per the direction of the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa vide Letter No. 5920, Dated-26.07.2012 Angul Judgeship is started functioning w.e.f.31.07.2012.

         After separation of Angul Judgeship, the Administrative Jurisdiction of the District & Sessions Judge, Dhenkanal remained over the Subordinate Courts of Dhenkanal Sadar, Hindol, Kamakhyanagar , Bhuban and Parjung.

              In the Year 2012 Family Court was opened in the District Head Quarters vide Law Department Notification No 10742/L dated26.09.2012.

              In the Year 2014 a JMFC Court at Parjung was opened vide Law Department Notification Memo No-4942 dated 09.06.2014.

              In the year 2015 a CJ(SD) Court at Hindol was opened vide Law Department Notification No6233/L dated 18.6.2015.


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