District Court Dhule had been established in the year 1860 by the British Government. Before establishing District Court at Dhule Aurthor St. Gorge Richardson was looking after Judicial work of this reagion. Hon'ble Justice Shri. Mahadev Govind Ranade also worked as Assistant Judge at Dhule from 1880 to 1881. Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar also visited the District Court. District Dhule was previously known as Khandesh district. In ancient times, it was known as Rasika. Later, under the Yadavas, it was called as Senuadesa after the name of King Senuachandra who ruled over it. With the advent of Muslims, the name was changed to Khandesh to suit the title Khan given to the Faruqi Kings. The entire area of Khandesh included two district viz. Dhule and Jalgaon and some part of Nashik District. Its headquarters was at Dhule. However, in 1906 for administrative purpose, the Khandesh was divided into two districts known as West Khandesh and East Khandesh. Dhule , Nandurbar , Nawapur Peta , Pimpalner , Shahada , Sindkheda , Taloda, were included in West Khandesh district with headquarters at Dhule. With the reorgnisation of States in 1956, West Khandesh has been included in Bombay State and subsequently i.e, in 1960 it has become a part of Maharashtra State. In 1961 the name of the district was changed from West Khandesh to Dhulia and later on to Dhule district with Dhule as its headquarters. Thereafter, the Dhule District has been divided on 1st July, 1998, in two New Districts i.e. Dhule & Nandurbar. The newly created Revenue District Nandurbar (having its headquarters at Nandurbar) consists of Nandurbar, Shahada, Nawapur, Akkalkuwa, Taloda and Akrani (Dhadgaon) talukas. Thereafter Nandurbar Judicial District has been separated from Dhule Judicial District from 31-10-2013. At present in Dhule Judicial District there are Courts of Civil Judge Junior Division and Judicial Magistrate First Class at Sakri, Shindkheda, Shirpur and Dondaicha. At Dhule Headquarters there are District and Sessions Court, Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Courts of Civil Judge Senior Division, and Chief Judicial Magistrate as well as Judicial Magistrate First Class. Besides the aofresaid Courts at Dhule Headquarters, the other Four Courts i.e., :- one Labour Court, one Industrial Court, One Family Court and one Assistant Charity Commissioner are also functioning at Dhule


List of the District Judges who worked as District Judge in Dhule District and

elevated as the Hon'ble Judges of the Bombay High Court

Sr.No.   Name of the Hon'ble  Judges of the Bombay High Court

01 Hon'ble Shri Justice B.C. Gadgil as he then was.

02 Hon'ble Shri Justice D.J.Moharir as he then was.

03 Hon'ble Shri Justice K. N. Patil as he then was.

04 Hon'ble Shri Justice S. D. Pandit as he then was.

05 Hon'ble Shri Justice V. K. Barde as he then was.

06 Hon'ble Shri Justice P. V. Kakde as he then was.

07 Hon'ble Shri Justice K. J. Rohee as he then was.

08 Hon'ble Shri Justice S. G. Mahajan as he then was.

09 Hon'ble Shri Justice P. R. Borkar as he then was.

10 Hon'ble Shri Justice M. T. Joshi


 List of Hon'ble High Court Judges who have been elevated from Bar

1. Hon'ble Shri. Justice V. S. Kotwal as he then was.


 List of the Hon'ble High Court Judges who practiced in District

1. Hon'ble Shri Justice P.S. Bhramhe as he then was.

2. Hon'ble Shri Justice I.G. Shah as he then was.

3. Hon'ble Shri Justice S.K. Shah as he then was.

4. Hon'ble Justice Shri. P.R.Bora


 List of the District Judges who practised in District

1. Shri. K.N.Wani

2. Shri. P. S. Paranjape

3. Shri. S.P. Kulkarni

4. Shri. S. N. Saundankar


 List of the other Judges who practised in the District

 01 Shri. Y. P. Tawar

 02 Shri. Y. D. Shinde

03 Shri. S. C. Magare

04 Shri. D.S.Bhamare

05 Shri. K. L. Vyas

06 Shri. S. N. Maind

07 Shri. S. D. Vasave

08 Sau. Smita Kulkarni

09 Sau. Pushpa S. Sapkal

10 Sau. Chaya V. Patil

11 Shri. Premkumar P. Sharma

12 Sau. Manju Shahurao Dube Patil

13 Shri. A. P. Raghuwanshi

14 Kum. Sunayana Dilip Vibhandik

15 Shri. Shailesh S. Bafana

16 Shri. Satish Patil

17 Kum. Mrudula Kochar

18 Shri. Kunal Nahar

19 Shri. S.P. Deore

20 Shri. Nikam