About Dibrugarh Bar Association

          In 1872 when the court was started at that time there was no local advocate due to lack of institutional education. In the same year Babu Harish Chandra Bakshi (B.L) arrived at Dibrugarh by steamer. He was the first qualified Advocate in this area. He was born in 1841 at Faridpur of Bengal. He was interested to be an English teacher but the British requested him to work as an Advocate. As there was no sufficient place to establish the Bar Library, the old Bunglow of the then Deputy Commissioner Mac William was used to continue the practised of legal profession. According to some people, the actual Mac William Hall was sunk in the Brahmaputra River due to erosion. No information found regarding the History of the Mac William Hall for the period 1872-1898. But according to a proceeding of the Bar Library 1898 the Advocates namely Babu Harish Chandra Bakshi, R.C. Misra, Babu Dhirandra Das, Babu Shiva Ram Sharma, Babu C.K. Chakraborty, Babu P.C. Ganguly, Munchi Kafayat Ullah, Munchi Amin Gajai etc. practised at Dibrugarh Bar Library. There is a pride History of Bar Association of Dibrugarh. The renowned leader of National Revolution namely Jogesh Gohain, Lakhyeswar Boruah, Fusnur Ali, Jibon Phukan, Bhimbor Deori etc. were the member of the Bar Association, Dibrugarh. Keshab Chandra Gogoi and Jogen Hazarika became Chief Minister of Assam who belonged to Dibrugarh Bar Association. Khan Sahab Saridur Rahman, Ramesh Mohan Kuli, Lalit Chandra Doley, Ramesh Chandra Boruah became efficient Minister of Assam. Parbati Kumar Goswami became the first Assamese Justice of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India who originally was a member of the Dibrugarh Bar Association. Sarat Chandra Dutta became a Chief Justice of Hon’ble High Court of Gauhati, apart from this he became Vice- Chancellor of Kurukhetra University, Hariyana who originally belongs to Dibrugarh Bar Association. The Present Justice of Hon’ble High Court of Gauhati Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Amitava Roy were members of Dibrugarh Bar Association. Among the Advocates of past years, Saktipad Patra was known as a saint Advocate amongst the local citizen. He published and edited two papers namely- Estern and Citizen. On the other hand Raybahadur Sadananda Dowarah was a “Fire brand Ukil”. Lt. Bhuban Chandra Boruah & Bidyadhar Boruah were retired as a District & Sessions Judge who restarted practice in this Bar. The book “Legel Aid to the Poor” written by Bhuban Chandra Boruah gave a conception about the Lok-Adalot in the year 1970. “Terrorism and Consolation to it” is a very valuable book by him.


Body of the Bar Association

President: Sri Ajit Borgohain

Contact No :9864230131/8638723335

e-mail id: ajitborgohain11[at]gmail[dot]com


Vice President: Sri Shyamal Seal

Contact No : 9435442852

e-mail id: shyamalseal818[at]gmail[dot]com


General Secretary:Sri Satyabrata Sarma

Contact No : 9435033002

e-mail id: adv[dot]sb[dot]sarma[at]gmail[dot]com


Secretary(Administration): Sri Ganesh Gohain Phukan

Contact No :9435390626

e-mail id: ganeshgohain2[at]gmail[dot]com


Secretary (Library):Sri Dilip Ch. Dey

Contact No : 9435272119/9954223348

e-mail id: dilipchandradey[at]gmail[dot]com


                                  Executive Members

Member Name Contact Number email-Id
Sri Pranab Jyoti Neog 9435390069 Pranabneog6[at]gmail[dot]com
Sri Wahidur Rahman 9544366729 wrohman920[at]gmail[dot]com
Sri Ranjit Phukan 9954562016 ranphukan[at]gmail[dot]com
Sri Alok Garodia 9864230158/9435005041 alokgarodia51[at]gmail[dot]com
Sri Noren Gogoi 9401610991 narengogoi[at]yahoo[dot]com
Sri Jayanta Kr. Sarma 7662952442 jayantaks14[at]gmail[dot]com
Sri Meraz Akhtar 9435033077 merazakhtar[at]gmail[dot]com
Sri Khagen Baruah 8811879717 advkhagenbaruah[at]gmail[dot]com
Smti. Sudipta Ghosh Biswas 9435061826 sudiptagbbose[at]gmail[dot]com
Smti. Geetimoni Borah 9435271715 gmoniborah[at]gmail[dot]com



Body of the Dibrugarh Bar Association & Contact Details