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District Court Of India

District Court, Champhai

  • Main Building of Distict Court, Champhai

The Addl Sub-District Council Court, Champhai was established at 7.1.1965 and inaugurated by Mr J.Malsawma and he himself was appointed as Magistrate.

The Court continued to function, although some graduates were appointed as Magistrates due to lack of law educated persons until the separation of Judiciary was declared in 2005. After the separation of Judiciary, the Court function was conducted by Mizoram Judicial Service personnels.

In Champhai District, the separation of Judiciary came into effect in July 2010 and the Addl Sub-District Council Court was transformed into District Court, Champhai and the court function was conducted under the supervision of two judges – Senior Civil Judge-cum-Chief Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate First Class.