District Court Bhojpur

DLSA Bhojpur


Name of the Chairman, DLSA


District & Sessions Judge






Name of the Secretary, DLSA


Sri Ranjeet Kumar -II




DLSA Staff        
S. No. Name of Staff DLSA/ Permanent Lok Adalat Designation (Work Allotted) Mobile Number
2 Smt. Akshita Chandra PLA Stenographer [Receipt & Dispatch, Shorthand (Hindi) & Typing work, Sexual Harassment Committee & Stock register & Misc. work,  Assist in NLA] 8102064004
3 Sri Sagar Prasad DLSA Clerk-cum-Typist [ National Lok Adalat,  Panel Lawyer file, PLV, Legal Awareness Programme, Special Day Programme, Front Office, Legal Aid Committee, D.M.C., Monitoring for Legal Aid file & Legal Service Centre, Typing, Notice Issue for NLA] 8797253193
4 Sri Ramesh Kumar PLA Clerk [Continuous Lok Adalat, Mediation, Jail Lok Adalat, TLSC Piro, Court Noticie, Legal Aid Cause List in Court cases, UTRC, LLC, DLMC,  Assist in NLA] 8877580025
5 Sri Vinay Kumar DLSA Clerk [ Accounts, Letter Compliance, DLSA Record & Register, Attendence, Register of Class IV, DLSA seal, PL Honorarium, Honorarium of Judicial Member and Non Judicial Member file, purchasing matter, Exemption of court fee file, RTI & ors, Injury Compensation Board, Other Misc. work,  Assist in NLA] 9798823365
6 Sri Ranjeet Kumar DLSA Office Attendent 7488102516
7 Sri Vijay Kumar PLA Office Attendent 7759807371
8 Sri Uma Shankar Singh PLA Office Attendent 9801481038
9 Sri Sanjay Kumar PLA Sweeper 9472637890