District Court of Pauri Garhwal
District Court of Pauri Garhwal
District Court of Pauri Garhwal

Do's and Don'ts for e-Gate Pass


Do's and Don’ts for e-Gate Pass


  1. In absence of any of aforesaid required details, the e-Gate Pass will not be issued to the visitors.
  2. For appearance/argument in any pending cases fixed before any Court, the visitor must apply for e-Gate Pass not later than 24 hours prior to the date of hearing.
  3. No e-Gate Pass shall be issued to any Ld. Advocates, whose name is not mentioned in the cause list of the Courts on the given day.
  4. If, for any reason, name of any Ld. Advocate does not get published in the cause list, he may mention this fact while applying for e-Gate Pass.
  5. For any other work, the visitors are required to apply for the e-Gate Pass, a day before till 01:00 PM.
  6. For appearance/argument in any urgent matter viz. Remand, Bail, Release of Vehicle and Stay matters etc., the visitors may apply for the e-Gate Pass same day till 11:30 AM.
  7. For depositing the hard copies of matters, the e-Gate Pass shall not be required as one deposition box has been placed near gate also.
  8. The visitor must carry the Identity Card which was mentioned by the visitor at the time of applying for e-Gate Pass.


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