* Vidhi Sahitya Prakashan.

* E-Committee News Letter-April, 2021.

* Roster arrangements for the functioning of Physical as well as virtual courts.

* E-Committee News Letter-March, 2021.

* List of the Co-Ordinator, Google Meet and Jitsi Meet Code for the functioning of Virtual Courts.

* List of P.P., A.P.P. and Government Prosecutors.

* List of the Remote Point Co-ordinator for the functioning of Virtual Courts in Civil Court, Dumka.

* Click here for Guidelines for Appearing through JitsiMeet(Mobile/Laptop).* In the light of social distancing norms in force due to outbreak of COVID-19, learned Advocates/Parties-in-Person are requested to appear in the cases listed before concerned Bench through Video Conferencing(Jitsi Meet, CiscoWebex) from their respective homes/offices. 


Dumka, headquarters of the Dumka district, is a city and municipality in the state of Jharkhand, India. It was made the headquarters of the Santhal Pargana region, which was carved out of the Bhagalpur and Suri districts after the Santal Hool of 1855. Dumka is the sub-capital of the state of Jharkhand, which was carved out of the southern part of Bihar on 15 November 2000. Dumka is a peaceful and green city..