Dungarpur Judgeship
Dungarpur Judgeship
Dungarpur Judgeship
Dungarpur Judgeship
Dungarpur Judgeship

History of Dungarpur Judgeship

The District Dungarpur is named after 'the town of hillocks' and the capital of the former princely state of Dungarpur. It is located in the southern part of Rajasthan between 23o20' and 24o01' north latitude and 73o21' and 74o01' east longitude. The town of Dungarpur itself is said to have been a Bhil ' Pal' or a hamlet of 'Dungaria', a Bhil Chieftain whom Rawal Veer Singh Dev caused to be assassinated in the fourteenth century. Whatever may be the legend about the beginning of the settlements in the district, there is no doubt that it formed the part of the territory known in history as ‘Bagar' or 'Vagad' with ' Vatpadrak', present 'Baroda' (a village in Aspur tehsil) as its old capital.

                   It was in 1945 that the 'Dungarpur Rajya Praja Mandal' came into existence and a year later in 1946, a demand was made for grant of responsible Government under the aegis of the ruler. In March, 1948 the ruler announced the grant of responsible Government. However, on the inauguration of the United States of Rajasthan the local Government came to an end when the administration of the State was handed over to ' Rajpramukh' of the newly formed State  and Dungarpur was constituted as a district of the United State of Rajasthan.

                   In the erstwhile State, Justice was imparted through the authority of ruler of Dungarpur State .It was during the British Rule that this Judgeship came into partial existence. Initially, a Civil Judge was posted at Dungarpur under Udaipur Judgeship, which functioned as such till the year 1975, when it came under Banswara Judgeship and an officer of  the rank ofAddl. District Judge  was posted in the District which continued till 30th June 1977.

                   Finally, on 1st July 1977 Dungarpur Judgeship came into existence with Mr. Bhagwan Shrivastav as the first District & Sessions Judge though his tenure ended shortly. Various courts at different levels have been established as follows  in the district ever since.

                (1.) District & Sessions Court,Dungarpur established on 1st July 1977

(2.) Additional District & Sessions Court (Fast Track),Dungarpur with establishment on 18th Sept. 2002.

                (3.) Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Dungarpur.

(4.) Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court,Dungarpur upgraded from AMJM Court in the year 1996.

(5.) Judicial Magistrate Court,Dungarpur established since  long.

(6) ACJM, Sagwara upgraded  in the year prior to which Munsif cum Judicial Magistrate  court was functioning from the year 1950.

(7) Aspur, Sagwara, Simalwara Courts were established in between 1995 -2005

(8)Two Gram Nyayalays functioning in this judgeship namely, Aspur Gram Nyayalay & Bicchiwara Gram Nyayalay were established in the year 2009 & 2010 respectively.

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