District Court Chamoli
District Court Chamoli
District Court Chamoli
District Court Chamoli

During COVID-19 Lockdown for Urgent Matter

During COVID-19 Lockdown Period Contact Number and Email ID details of All Court Complexes at Chamoli-Gopeshwar

Helpline Telephone Number: 01372-215191,

e-Court Helpline Number: 01372-251577

If any query kindy contact: System Officer: 9719519473, 9760230760

District Court, Chamoli at Gopeshwar (for Urgent Matter)

Mobile Number: 9719519473, 9760230760

Email Id: ukdc.chamoli@uk.gov.in


Outlying Court, Karanprayag  (for Urgent Matter)

Email Id: ukdc.karanprayag@uk.gov.in


Outlying Court, Tharali (for Urgent Matter)

Email Id: ukdc.tharali@uk.gov.in


Outlying Court, Gairsain  (for Urgent Matter)

Email Id: ukdc.gairsain@uk.gov.in


Outlying Court, Joshimath  (for Urgent Matter)

Email Id: ukdc.joshimath@uk.gov.in


Outlying Court, Pokhai  (for Urgent Matter)

Email Id: ukdc.pokhari@uk.gov.in