East Godavari District

East Godavari

new DISTRICT COURT CIRCULAR- Certain Instructions for taking up of Urgent matters by the Video Conference through ZOOM Cloud Application new

new District Court Communication-Guidelines for hearing of Cases through Video Conferencing during lockdown  period issued by the Hon'ble High Court of AP.new

new District Court Communication- Certain Instructions regarding to Video Conferencing during Lock Down issued by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India new

new District Court Communication- Circular  for Donation to the Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund ( PM Care Fund)new






  District Court Complex, East Godavari           District Map, East Godavari


new Nomination of certain Judicial Magistrate of First Class to Visit of Jails on request made by the Superintendents  for furnishing /accepting adequate bail bond to the Satisfaction of the Magistrate-Order-Issuednew

new WP NO.8130/2020 dated 26-03-2020- Certain direction issued by the Hon'ble High Court of APnew

new Official Memorandum-Certain instructions with regard to the Suspesion of work in the Unit of East Godavai District  till 14-04-2020new

new Communication with regard to total Lock down -Suspesion of work in the Unit of East Godavai District  up to 14-04-2020new

new INCHARGE ARRANGEMENTS-  Proceeding with regard to the Judicial Officers Incharge Arrangments in view of Locak Down of the Courts in the unit of East Godavari District.new

new Communication with regard to the Cognizance for extension of Limitationnew

new Communication with regard to Total Lock down -Suspesion of work in the Unit of East Godavai District  up to 01-04-2020new

newDLSA- Promoting awareness with regard to the Spreading of COVID 19 Virlus in terms of guideliness issued by the Government of  India-Regardingnew

new APJMS/APLGS -Certain Transfers & Postings Orders- Dt 17-03-2020new

newCIRCULAR-BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE- Instruction and Guidelines with regard to the proper implementation and maintance of Biometri attendance in the unit of East godavari District-Regarding.

new Senior Superintendents Promotions -Transfers & Postings of Senior Superintendents - Reg- Dt 03-02-2020new

new CIRCULAR- BIO-METRIC ATTENDANCE SYSTEM- Installation of Biometric System in the unit of East Godavari District - Certain Instructions- Issued dated 15-03-2019

newOfficial Memorandum - Nomenclature of the Court- Certain Clarification with regard to  the Transfer of Cases.

newCircular - Assigning  Common Cases numbes to Criminal Cases in respective of Criminal Court Situated in a Court Complex  and also Civil Cases including Execution Petitions- Instructions- Regarding.

newCircular- Civil and Criminal- Uniform Nomenclature of Cases transfer certain direction.