eBail - Video Conference link - for PDJ Court, Vellore

eBail - Video Conference link 

Principal District Court, Vellore


Vide Conference Software : Microsof Teams

Download Teams for Desktop/Laptop


Video conference Month

 Video Conference joining time  Video  conference Link

Time : From 10.30 A.M


Time : From 10.30 A.M

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1.   Join the meeting through laptop/mobile or any other electronic device.

2.  Download the Microsoft Teams application from Play Store in your mobile device. 

3.  The invitation link will be sent via e-mail /Mobile/Available in website.

4. Click on the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link which is in your mobile/laptop and you will be redirected to        Microsoft Teams. Be sure that you are connected to the internet.

5. Click on the “Join Meeting” tab shown in the next webpage.  Here, you are required to enter your Name, Designation which is compulsory to the attendance purpose. There you have to wait some moment to admit you into meeting. Then, you will join the meeting and will be able to participate.

7.         After joining the meeting; Please keep your microphone muted so that there will be no audio disturbance during the speech of the Resource person. If you want to ask any questions or to interact, click on “Raise your hand” tab and the speaker or the coordinator will ask you to speak. Now unmute the microphone and you can speak and interact with the speaker.

Protocols to be followed:

1. The staff members/Participants are requested to attend the programme in a formal official dress.

2. Kindly ensure that you have good internet connectivity. Otherwise there will be problem in getting good audio and video feed.

3. If there is any issue regarding video and audio quality, check the internet connection and head set for proper link. If necessary logout and login again.

4. Choose a bright and neat place with good and undistracting background.

5. Ensure silence at and near the place where from you join the meeting.

6.  You are requested to join the meeting 15 minutes before.

7.  Do not “switch on” or “unmute” the microphone unnecessarily. Keep the mic on mute mode, unless you are asked to talk.

8.  You have to talk only when the host gives you the permission.

9. As and when you entertain any doubt or query with regard to the session, use chat box and post questions. Be participative.

10.  When a particular participant is required to talk or answer a question, he/she should switch on the video and audio and talk. 

11.   Failure to respond will be deemed that you are not participating.

12. Strictly avoid posting of Good morning and other unnecessary messages in the chat box, like your name, post and place of posting.