Civil Court Khunti
Civil Court Khunti
Civil Court Khunti

eCourts Project Development District Court, Khunti

E-courts Project Development in the Judgeship:-

To strengthen the court management system alot of reforms in respect of avalaibilty of hardware is made in the judgeship. Computer desktop provided to each courts in sufficient numbers along with printers, UPS, Keyboards by the e-courts commitee of Jharkhand High Court.

Centralized E-filling Center:

E–filling has also been started in the Judgeship in the month of March 2018 to ease quicker Justice Delivery System with all the Appratus. The infrastructure of Server Room of Khunti Judgeship includes 1 dell Desktop, Air conditioner for the server system.

Local Area Network (LAN) :-

All the court rooms and Offices are connnected to the Centralized server room for better monitoring and reporting of working of Judicial activities.

Video Conferencing system -

Video conferencing system is available at Civil Court Khunti Which is connected to jails, District Courts and High Court. Desktop VC has been started in Court of Principal District and Sessions Judge which enhanced & smoothned the functioning of court. Resulting into enhacement & fastening the Judicial works.

Display monitiors:-

Display monitiors had been provided in all the existing courts for checking accuracy in deposition and recording of evidence also judgement resulting into redution of time for checking accuracy of the facts noted at the time of court proceedings which accelerates the process of justice.

Kiosk System:-

A kiosk system is installed in the khunti judgeship which enables and enhances the access to justice to lawyers, Litigants & public. All the lawyers litigants are benefitted and could get the current Case Stage running in different courts & case Flow management.