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Saral Petty Offences Fine Deposit Scheme

What is Saral Petty Offences Fine Deposit Scheme ?

This Scheme is a small step in the direction of making our criminal justice delivery system more user friendly, time saving and more responsive to the changing need of the society. The object is to provide speedy justice to all concerned in regard to Petty Offences under section 206(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code 1973. These would include Traffic Challan under the Motor Vehicles Act, Challans under the Police Act, Public Gambling Act, Kshetra Panchayat and Zila Panchayat Adhiniyam Such Criminal. Such Criminal Cases can be summarily disposal of under section 260 and 261 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, without compelling the litigant to appear in the Court. This would be a small step in taking justice to the doorsteps of the litigant, in which the State Bank of India is helping us.

       At the bottom of each Special Summons, a note shall be made, informing the litigant that if he desires to plead guilty to the charge and does not want to contest the case, then in addition to the other modes provided in section 206 of the Code, he may deposit the fine specified in Special Summons in cash, in any branch of the State Bank of India. On such deposit the case shall stand disposed of or closed. A receipt in three parts shall be enclosed with each Special Summon mentioning therein the details of the account known as Power Jyoti Account, Court Number, Case Number, Year, proposed fine along with a fixed amount of Rs. 50/- to be charged by the bank as handling charges. In this manner a litigant, upon receipt of the Special Summons, shall have to merely deposit the fine specified in the Special Summons in the bank with the help of deposit slip enclosed with Summons and the bank shall inform the Court concerned that Fine has been deposited. The case shall then be treated as disposed of or closed. The litigant will, therefore, not be required to go the Court or receipt of summons for Petty Offences.

Inauguration of Saral Petty Offence Fine Deposit Scheme in Etah Judgeship
       As per the direction of Hon'ble High Court, Allahabad, inauguration of Saral Petty Offence Fine Deposit Scheme was held on 23.05.2015 in Etah Judgeship, Etah in the presence of Sri K. K. Sharma (District Judge, Etah), Sushri Nidhhi Kesarvani (District Magistrate, Etah), Sri S.K. Verma (Senior Superintendent of Police, Etah), & Sri Ajeet Kumar (Chief Manager, State Bank of India, Etah).

Power Jyoti A/C Numner
       As per the direction of Hon'ble High Court, Allahabad, an Power Jyoti Account is opened by State Bank of India for Etah Judgeship, which is ....

34886947904 – Power Joyti A/C


Summon & Challan for Saral Petty Offence Fine Deposit Scheme