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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal (CJ)
Hon'ble The Chief Justice
High Court of Judicature at Allahabad

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjay Kumar Singh
Administrative Judge, Etah
High Court of Judicature at Allahabad

Sri Sandeep Jain
District Judge
District & Sessions Court, Etah
Virtual Court

      “Virtual Court is a concept aimed at eliminating presence if litigant or lawyer in the Court and adjudication of the case online.”

      Pursuant to the guidelines of Hon'ble High Court vide letter No. 2418/LXXXVII-CPC/e-Courts/Allahabad dated 02.01.2022 & No. 2423/LXXXVII-CPC/e-Courts/Allahabad dated 09.01.2022 for functioning of District Court, keeping in view of the status of cases of COVID-19 in the District, Judicial Officers/Learned Counsels may utilized the facility of Virtual Court for Court Proceedings using following online JITSI Meet Ids :-

Sl. No. Court Name Online JITSI Meet Link
01. District Judge, Etah https://meet.jit.si/djetah
02. ADJ, Court No.01/Spl. Judge (M.P./M.L.A.), Etah https://meet.jit.si/adj01etah
03. Spl. Judge (S.C./S.T. Act), Etah https://meet.jit.si/sjscstetah
04. Spl. Judge (D.A.A.), Etah https://meet.jit.si/sjdaaetah
05. Spl. Judge (E.C. Act), Etah https://meet.jit.si/sjecetah
06. Spl. Judge Exclusive POCSO Act, Etah https://meet.jit.si/sjepetah
07. Addl. District Judge/Spl. Judge (Rape & POCSO Act) - II, Etah https://meet.jit.si/sjrp02etah
08. Addl. District Judge, Court No.08/Spl. Judge Gangester Act, Etah https://meet.jit.si/adj08etah
09. ADJ/FTC-I (Crime Against Women), Etah https://meet.jit.si/adjftc01etah
10. ADJ/FTC-II (Spl. Judge NDPS Act & Gangester Act), Etah https://meet.jit.si/adjftc02etah
11. Chief Judicial Magistrate, Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjmetah
12. A.C.J.M. Court No.17, Etah https://meet.jit.si/acjm17etah
13. Civil Judge (Sr. Div.), Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjsdetah
14. Civil Judge (Sr. Div.) Jalesar, Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjsdjetah
15. Civil Judge (Jr. Div.) Jalesar, Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjjdjetah
16. Civil Judge (Jr. Div.), Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjjdetah
17. Judicial Magistrate, Etah https://meet.jit.si/jmetah
18. A.C.J.(Jr. Div.), Court No.21, Etah https://meet.jit.si/acjjd21etah
19. A.C.J.(Jr. Div.), Court No.23, Etah https://meet.jit.si/acjjd23etah
20. A.C.J.(Jr. Div.), Court No.24, Etah https://meet.jit.si/acjjd24etah
21. A.C.J.(Jr. Div.), Court No.26, Etah https://meet.jit.si/acjjd26etah
22. Civil Judge (Jr. Div.)/FTC (Crime Against Women), Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjjdftccawetah
23. Civil Judge (Jr. Div.)/FTC, Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjjdftcetah
24. Juvenile Justice Board, Etah https://meet.jit.si/cjjdftcetah

      Advocates/Litigants are directed to use eCourt Service App available on the google play store for getting more updates of cause list, case status, etc.

Notifications/Order Regarding Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)

About District Court, Etah

      District Court Etah was created in the year 1951. This district lies in western portion of Uttar Pradesh of Aligarh region. It is bounded on the north by the district Kanshiram Nagar (Kasganj) and Badaun. The eastern frontier marches with the district Mainpuri and Farrukhabad and along the south lie Firozabad district. It is situated between river Ganga and Yamuna in north latitude 27’18 and 28’2 and 79’17 of eastern longitude.

      Prior to independence the Judicial Courts of Etah were Sessions Division Aligarh. The Court of the Civil Judges Etah was established for the first time on 18th December 1950 and Sri S. D. Sharma was the first Civil Judge. In 1951 Etah was made Sessions Division and Mr. K. L. Arora was appointed the first District Judge of Etah. Earlier jurisdiction of Etah was comprised of five tehsils namely Etah (Sadar), Aliganj, Jalesar, Kasganj and Patiyali. In the year 2007 Kasganj was excluded from Etah and it was made a separate district. Presently Etah Court is exercising regarding all civil and criminal matters considering of tehsils namely Etah (Sadar), Aliganj and Jalesar.