Gautam Buddha Nagar
Gautam Buddha Nagar


Dr. Anil Kumar Singh-II 

Nodal Officer  (Computers)/ Addl. District and Session Judge (POCSO) 

Gautam Buddha Nagar

Technical Manpower Under E-Courts Project

   Sr. No.         Name         Desgination    
    1.    Smt. Sameeksha Srivastava System Officer
2. Smt. Ritika Srivastava System Assistant
3. Sri Anoop Kumar Technical Manpower

ICT enabled District Court- Guatam Buddha Nagar

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  • Indian Judiciary is in urgent need of re-engineering its processes, optimize the use of its human resources and bring about change management by harnessing the potentiality of the available Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to its fullest extent. The objective of this exercise is to enhance the Judicial productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively as also make the Justice delivery system affordable, accessible, cost effective, transparent and accountable.

    The project envisages deployment of Hardware, Software and Networking to assist district and taluka courts in streamlining their day to day functioning. Key functions such as case filing, allocation, registration, case work-flow, orders and judgments will be ICT enabled. Causelists, case-status, orders, and judgments will be made available on the web and made accessible to litigants, advocates and general public. The project aims to build a National grid of key Judicial information available all round the clock in a reliable and secure manner.

    The key modules in eCourts project includes Laptops and Laser Printers, training to Judges and court staffs, Internet connectivity to the Judges, Connectivity at the court complexes, Videoconferencing, site preparation, Hardware, Networking, Application Software, Technical manpower, Upgradation of the ICT Infrastructure etc.

    National Informatics Center ( NIC ) is the implementing agency of eCourts project. 

    Site preparation under eCourts project covers building of ICT room consists of Computer Server Room ( CSR ) and Judicial Service Center ( JSC ).

    DG sets are already being provided for power backup in the ICT room.

    Data relates to date of filing, full description of parties, law provision invoked, property no., detail of witnesses, stage of trial, next date of hearing and advocate’s name etc.

    Another area has been covered under the eCourts project is having Websites for each courts which helps litigants and lawyers to check the daily causelists, judgments, and various upto date informations regarding the district courts.

    For Data management, already the Application software developed by NIC called Case Information System ( CIS )Software for District and sub-ordinate courts has been tested in many of the major pilot sites and is being fully functional now.

    The Judges and court staffs are being trained on various modules of eCourts project. The Judges are being provided with personal laptop, laser printer and internet connectivity under the eCourts project. The website for Fatehpur District Judiciary has already been hosted and is being fully functional. Daily causelists, judgments and various key informations are being uploaded on daily basis.

  • It is hoped that in the coming time,eCourts will prove to be a landmark in the life of the people and transform their anticipations into reality.

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