Civil Court , Giridih


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This Judgeship was established in the year 1977. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Krishna Ballav Narayan Singh, Chief Justice of Patna High Court, inaugurated this Judgeship on 16th of  July 1977 in the presence of Administrative Judge, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shambhu Prasad Singh. Sri Jamilur Rahman had the distinction of  becoming the first District and Sessions Judge of this newly created Judgeship. Sri Narsingh Narayan Sinha was the first Chief Judicial Magistrate of Giridih at the relevant period.

Giridih came up on the Judicial map of state of Bihar in the year 1900-1901 A.D. when the Courts of Munsif and Munsif Magistrate were established. Mr. Ashutosh Paul had the distinction of becoming the first Munsif of Giridih. At that time the Giridih Civil Courts was under Ranchi Judgeship and it continued to be the part of Ranchi Judgeship till 1949. After separation of Judgeship of Hazaribag. It became the part of Hazaribagh Judgeship.
The court of Subordinate Judge at Giridih was established in the year 1973. Hon’ble Mr. Jusitice Nand Lal Utwalia, the  Chief Justice of Patna High Court inaugurated the court of Sub Judge on 17th April 1973. Sri Madan Mohan Prasad was the first Sub Judge of Giridih.

It is worth mentioning here that previously the Sub Divisional Court of Bermo at Tenughat was the part of Giridih Judgeship and it became the part of Bokaro Judgeship after creation of Judgeship of Bokaro. Presently Civil Courts premises of Giridih is consisting Five Buildings Three main buildings one Mediation Centre and one Fast Track Court building has been constructed in the year 2005  and  inaugurated on 23rd July 2005 by the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Altamash Kabir, Chief Justice of  Jharkhand High Court along with the presence of Hon’ble Mr. Jusitice S. J. Mukhopadhaya, and then Zonal Judge of this Judgeship Hon’ble Mr. Justice Amareshwar Sahay, Judges, Jharkhand High Court.
Presently 24 Judicial Officers( including Pr. District & Sessions Judge Cum Chairman D.L.S.A - Smt. Veena Misra and Pr. Judge Family Court - Sushri Kumari Ranjana Asthana )  are posted here. The total strength of ministerial staff including class III and class IV employees are in total 242. This Judgeship has facilities of Central library, separate Judge's library and fully operational Computer Section. Residential accommodations have also been provided to the majority of Judicial Officers and also for the Ministerial Staff.

All beneficiary programme of  D.L.S.A Permanent Lok Adalat, Jail Adalat are running smoothly in this Judgeship under the keen supervision of Learned Pr. District & Sessions Judge, Legal Aid Clinic is also performing its duty very well. A separate Legal Aid Clinic has been establish to provide such facilities to the custodian with in the Judgeship of Giridih. This Judgeship is taking all pains and keen interest in adding more facilities which would aid and help in dispensing speedy Justice.