Subordinate Courts

There are three subordinate courts under the District & Sessions Judge Court, Hailakandi. Those are-

1. District Legal Service Authority (D.L.S.A).

2. Consumer Forum Court.

3. Motor Accident Claim Tribunal.

District Legal Service Authority (D.L.S.A)

District Legal Service Authority is constituted under Legal Services Authority Act 1987.The main objective is to provide free and competent legal service to the weaker sections of the society to ensure equal justice for all.The D.L.S.A Hailakandi is headed by District & Sessions Judge as chairman and Civil Judge & Assistant Sessions Judge acts as secretary. There are some functioning systems of D.L.S.A such as lok adalat, permanent lok adalat, awareness camps, legal aid, district mediation etc.

Two public utility has been appointed by the Govt.for permanent lok adalat. They are:-

1. Dr. Jawaharlal Dutta, M.A., P.H.D.

2. Sri Kobirul Islam Mazarbhuiya, M.A., L.L.B.

Sri Kamal Uddin Laskar is the L.D.A in the office of the D.L.S.A and also is the bench assistant of Permanent Lok-Adalat, Hailakandi. Miss R M Al-Salma Laskar has been working as L.D.A on contractual basis.There is one Grade IV staff allotted for all the works of D.L.S.A.

Consumer Forum Court

The district forum, Hailakandi has been constituted under consumer protection act 1986.The district forum is headed by the president who is the District & Sessions Judge of the district. Two members are allotted in the district forum by the Government. One member is female and another member is male. At present, there is no female member and the only member of the forum is Shri Subash Nath Mazumder.This forum has been functioning with effect from 30.04.1993. The present president is Shri Samarjit Dey, AJS, District & Sessions Judge, Hailakandi. The president of the district forum is performing as part-time duty in addition to his normal duty of District & Sessions Judge. There is a U.D assistant attached to deal with the works of the district forum as part time duty on addition to his normal duty as a bench assistant to the court of the District & Sessions Judge, Hailakandi. Mr.Sujit Kumar Das is the U.D.A in the office of the forum and also is the bench assistant of the District & Sessions Judge Court, Hailakandi.There is one Grade IV staff allotted for the work of district forum. 

Motor Accident Claim Tribunal

The Office Of the member, M.A.C.T has been functioning in the Hailakandi district from 1992. It is headed by the member Shri Samarjit Dey, who is the present District & Sessions Judge of the district. There is two permanent staff in the tribunal i.e,one LDA cum bench assistant & one Grade IV staff. Shri Anup Kumar Dey is the bench assistant of this tribunal.