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Intorduction Haveri district alongwith Gadag district was earlier part of undivided Dharwad District. Considering the demand of the people, this district was carved out of old Dharwad District and was formed on 24-8-1997.

Haveri District is comprising of Seven Talukas, namely :

(1) Haveri

(2) Ranibennur

(3) Shiggaon

(4) Svanur

(5) Byadgi

(6) Hirekerur and

(7) Hangal.

Haveri is situated on Poona-Bangalore National Highway No.4. Haveri district is exactly in the center of Karnataka with an equal distance from Bidar in far north to Kollegal in the far south. It is also known as the gateway district to north Karnataka. Haveri District has a rich culture and tradition. The district is proud to be birth place of great saints like Shishuvinahala Sharifaru, Kanakadasaru, Sarvagnya, Hangal Kumara Shivayogigalu, Wagish Panditaru, Writer Galaganataru, Ganayogi Panchakshari Gavaigalu, Gnanapeeta Awardee V.K. Gokak and many more. Haveri town is at the distance of 330 KM from Bangalore.

The city is connected with road and railway. The population of Haveri District exceeds 14,39,116. About 3 lakh people are residing in Urban area. The remaining population is residing in rural area and their main occupation is agriculture growing chilly, cotton, jowar and groundnut are the main crops in the district. Haveri district is having irrigation facility from Tungabhadra river. Ranibennur is the biggest city in Haveri city and it is a commercial town.

A famous temple of Malatesh is situated in Devaragudda in Ranibennur taluka. Kaginele Peetha situated in Byadgi taluka. Holy Shrine of Santha Shishuvinahal Sharieff is in Shiggaon taluka. The great Philosopher Sarvagnya is from Hirekerur taluk. Savanur was a princely State of Nawab and Savanur court is functioning in the very princely palace of Nawab.

The biggest chilly market is at Byadgi town. Haveri town is the main market for cardamom trading. Cardamom garlands of Haveri is nationwide famous. Historic monuments like Pura-Siddeshwara temple at Haveri, Galaganateshwara temple at Galaganath of Haveri taluk, Tarakeshwar Devasthana at Hangal are viewable ones. Main rivers like Thungabhadra, Varada, Dharma and Kumudwati flow through Haveri district. Number of Talukas andvillages situated in HAVERI Unit:1. Haveri Taluka : 89 villages 2. Ranebennur : 107 villages 3. Byadgi : 64 villages 4. Hirekerur : 125 villages 5. Hangal : 150 villages 6. Savanur : 65 villages 7. Shiggaon : 91 villages Date of establishment of District and Sessions Court & Sub-ordinate Courts in the Haveri Unit.

Sl. No. Name of the Court Year of functioning Date of establishment of Court
1. District & Sessions Court, Haveri 2001 12-10-2001
2. Fast Track Court, Haveri 2004 24-05-2004
3. Fast Track Court, Ranebennur 2009 04-08-2009
4. Senior Civil Judge & CJM Court, Haveri 1860 Not known  
5. Addl. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC, Haveri 2006 25-05-2006
6. Senior Civil Judge & Prl.JMFC Court, Ranebennur 1979 10-12-1979
7. Addl. Senior Civil Judge Court Ranebennur 2002 05-10-2002
8. Senior Civil Judge & JMFC Court, Hangal 2001 12-10-2001
9. Senior Civil Judge & Itinerate Court, Byadgi 2008 30-09-2008
10 Senior Civil Judge & Itinerate Court, Hirekerur 2008 25-11-2006
11 Civil Judge & Prl.JMFC, Court, Haveri 1960 Not known
12 Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC Court, Haveri 1998 Not known
13 Prl. Civil Judge & JMFC Court, Ranebennur -- Not known
14 Addl. Civil Judge & JMFC Court, Ranebennur --- Not known
15 Civil Judge & JMFC, Court, Hirekerur 1977 14-11-1977
16 Civil Judge & JMFC, Court, Byadgi 1985 20-07-1985
17 Civil Judge & JMFC, Court, Shiggaon 1994 19-03-1994
18 Civil Judge & JMFC, Court, Savanur 1996 Not known
19 Civil Judge & JMFC, Court, Hangal 1973 Not known
Particulars of distance by road from Haveri to various district in Karnataka
Haveri to Bangalore 330 KM
Haveri to Belgaum 168 KM
Haveri to Bellary 199 KM
Haveri to Bidar 539 KM
Haveri to Bijapur 262 KM
Haveri to Chikkamagalur 241 KM
Haveri to Chitradurga 232 KM
Haveri to Davangere 68 KM
Haveri to Gadag 103 KM
Haveri to Gulbarga 421 KM
Haveri to Hasan 293 KM
Haveri to Karwar 185 KM
Haveri to Kolar 398 KM
Haveri to Madikeri 418 KM
Haveri to Mandya 355 KM
Haveri to Mangalore 323 KM
Haveri to Mysore 369 KM
Haveri to Raichur 320 KM
Haveri to Shimoga 119 KM
Haveri to Tumkur 264 KM
Haveri to Udupi 356 KM
Haveri to Hospet 138 KM
Haveri to Dharwad 90 KM

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