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जिला एवं सत्र न्यायालय, रतलाम
जिला एवं सत्र न्यायालय, रतलाम
Tahsil Court Jaora
Tahsil Court Jaora
Tahsil Court Jaora

High Court & District Court Circular, Order, Notification During COVID -19 Infection Period

Hon'ble M.P. High Court Circular 
Date Circuler/Memo
26-03-2021 Circualr No- A-1095 Dated 26-03-2021 for Subordinate Courts.pdf
15-01-2021 SOP for Subordinate Courts No A-113 Dated 15-01-2021.pdf
09-01-2021 Circular No A-62 dated 09-01-2021.pdf
18-12-2020 Circular No B-4969 Dated 18-12-2020 for District Indore.pdf
13-12-2020 Circular A-3128 Dated 13-12-2020 for Subordinat Court Indore.pdf
11-12-2020 Circular No A-3120 Dated 11-12-2020 for Subordinate Court.pdf
03-12-2020 Circular No A-2872 Dated 03-12-2020 For Subordinate Courts.pdf
13-11-2020 Circular No A-2549 Dated 13-11-2020 for Physical - Virtual Function in the Subordinate Courts.pdf
09-10-2020 Circular No B-4008 Dated 09-10-2020.pdf
01-10-2020 Circular No B-3817 Dated 01-10-2020.pdf
26-09-2020 Circular No B-3717 Dated 26-09-2020.pdf
18-09-2020 Cirular No A-2083 Dt 18-09-2020.pdf
12-09-2020 Circular No C-2214 Dated 12-09-2020.pdf
11-09-2020 B-3494 Dated 11-09-2020 Regarding not to attend religious functions, marriages and other social gathering without prior permission and information of the Controlling Authority.pdf
05-09-2020 Circular No C-2144 Dated 05-09-2020.pdf
29-08-2020 Circular No C-2086 Dt 29-08-2020.pdf
21-08-2020 Circular No D-3267 Dated 20-08-2020.pdf
14-08-2020 Circular B-3010 Dt 14-08-2020.pdf
07-08-2020 Circular No B2935 Dt 07-08-2020 Directions regarding functioning of the High Court as well as the District Courts including Family Courts in the State of MP.pdf
31-07-2020 Updated Circular No B-2798 dated 31-07-2020.pdf
24-07-2020 B-2655 Dt 24-07-2020 extension.pdf
17-07-2020 C-1787 Dated 17-07-2020 Regarding Leave Application.PDF
10-07-2020 B-2407 Dt 10-07-2020.PDF
04-07-2020 C-1625 dated 04-07-2020.PDF
27-06-2020 D-2377 dated 27-06-2020.pdf
19-06-2020 C-1455-19-06-20.PDF
12-06-2020 A-1382 dt-12-06-2020.pdf
30-05-2020 B-1880 dated 30-05-2020.PDF
29-05-2020 A-1136 dated 29-05-2020 -Guidelines for proper management and filing of the new Cases e-filing facility at the District Establishment.PDF
18-05-2020 Circular NO Q13 Extension of limited operation of the High Court its Registry and Subordinate Courts owing to the extension of nationwide lockdown declared by the Government of India.pdf
15-05-2020 C- 1307 dt 15-05-2020 Reagarding Dress Code.pdf
11-05-2020 Circular A-930 dated 11-05-2020 Working hours of the courts.pdf
06-05-2020 Clarification dated 06-05-2020.pdf
06-05-2020 Notification A-925 dt 06-05-2020 cancellation of summer Vacation.pdf
05-05-2020 CIRCULAR A- 9111 Dt 05-05-2020.pdf
04-05-2020 CIRCULAR Q-12 Dt-04-05-2020- COVID-19 Nation wide lock down - further directions of Hon'ble the Chief Justice.pdf
02-05-2020 Circular Q11 Jabalpur Dt-02-05-2020- Extension of operation of Circular Nos Q5 25-3-2020 Q6 dated 14-04-2020 and Q7 20-04-2020 due to extension of nationwide lockdown declared on 01-05-2020.pdf
20-04-2020 Circular Q7 Dt-20-04-2020 - Extension of operation of Circular No Q6 dated 14th Apri 2020 due to extension of Nationwide Lockdown announced on 14-04-2020.pdf
15-04-2020 Memo Dt 15-04-2020 Regarding Pertaining to follow the VC guidelines and to publish the help line number in the website of the High Court - District Courts.pdf
14-04-2020 Circular Q6- Dt- 14-04-2020 Extension of operation of Circular No. Q-5 dated 25-03-2020 due to extension of Nationwide lockdown announced on 14-04-2020
25-03-2020 Circuler Q5-Dt-25-03-2020 COVID-19 Nation wide lock down-Further directions of the Hon’ble the Chief Justice
23-03-2020 Corrigendum No Q-4 Dt 23-03-2020
23-03-2020 Corrigendum No Q-3 Dt 23-03-2020.pdf
22-03-2020 Q-2 Dt-22-03-2020- Regarding taking all preventing and remedial measures for combating the impending threat of COVID-19 in Subordinate Courts across the State.pdf
20-03-2020 CIRCULAR N0 A-851 Dt 20-03-2020.PDF
20-03-2020 Advisory to Madhya Pradesh District Courts 20-03-2020.PDF
17-03-2020 Advisory 345-RG-2020 Dt-17-03-2020-In continuation to the earlier advisory -instructions dated 16-03-2020 Advisory _ Instructions dated 17-03-2020.pdf
District Court Ratlam Circular 
Date Circuler/Memo
24-03-2021 Ratlam Letter No 334 Dt 24-03-2021 Regarding SOP विविध आदेश.pdf
18-01-2021 Ratlam Letter No 54 Dt 18-01-2021 Regarding SOP for Regular Physical Functioning for Subordinate Courts Reff A-113 Dt 15-1-2021.pdf
20-11-2020 RATLAM DC letter No 703 Regarding Covid 19 के प्रकोप से बचने हेतु A 2549 Jabalpur Dt 13 Nov 2020 के निर्देशों के पालन के समंध में Dt 20-11-2020.pdf
17-11-2020 Ratlam Letter No 687 Dt 17-11-2020 Ref HC Memo No A 2549 Dt 13-11-2020 Regarding Physical and Virtual Runnning Schedule of Courts.pdf
10-10-2020 Ratlam Letter No 633 Dt 10-10-2020.pdf
01-01-2020 Ratlam Letter No 598 Dt 01-10-2020.pdf
26-09-2020 Ratlam Letter No 581 Dt 26-09-2020.pdf
21-09-2020 Ratlam Letter No 548 Dt 21-09-2020.pdf
14-09-2020 Ratlam Letter No 534 Dt 14-09-2020.pdf
12-09-2020 Ratlam Letter No 531 Dt 12-09-2020 Regarding सामुहिक आयोजन एवं बिना अनुमति मुख्यालय से बाहर नहीं जाने के सम्बन्ध में.pdf
05-09-2020 Ratlam Letter No 510 Dt 05-09-2020.pdf
31-08-2020 Ratlam Letter No 487 Dt 31-08-2020.pdf
21-08-2020 Ratlam Letter No 473 Dt 21-08-2020.pdf
17-08-2020 Ratlam Letter No 446 Dt 17-08-2020.pdf
08-08-2020 Ratlam Letter No 436 Dt 08-08-2020.pdf
04-08-2020 Ratlam Letter No 430 Dt 04-08-2020.pdf
27-07-2020 Ratlam Letter No 422 Dt 27-07-2020.pdf
20-07-2020 Ratlam Letter No 397 Dt 20-07-2020.pdf
11-07-2020 Ratlam Letter No 359 Dt 11-07-2020.pdf
06-07-2020 Ratlam Letter No 340 Dt 06-07-2020.pdf
27-06-2020 Ratlam Letter No 334 Dt 27-06-2020.pdf
22-06-2020 Ratlam Letter No 326 Dt 22-06-2020.pdf
13-06-2020 Ratlam Letter No 317 Dt 13-06-2020.pdf
06-06-2020 Ratlam Letter No 299 Dt 06-06-2020.pdf
01-06-2020 Ratlam Letter No 289 Dt 01-06-2020.pdf
18-05-2020 Ratlam Letter No 949 Dt 18-05-2020.pdf
03-05-2020 Ratlam Letter No Q-35 Dt 03-05-2020.pdf
15-04-2020 Ratlam Letter No Q-20 Dt 15-04-2020.pdf
20-03-2020 Ratlam Letter No 909 Dt 20-03-2020.pdf