District & Sessions Court, North Garo Hills, Resubelpara.


The district of North Garo Hills forms the Northern most part of Garo Hills. It is the gateway to the entire Garo Hills region and shares a border with Assam. The population is a mixture of indigenous Garo tribes alongwith other minor tribes comprising of Rabhas, Hajongs, Kacharis, Boros. The climate is sub tropical with adequate rainfall. The people are an ethnic mix of Indo-Burmese-Tibetan ancestry.

The Government of Assam established the first Development Block with Resubelpara as its Head Quarter on 2nd October, 1952.The Government of Meghalaya declared Resubelpara as an Administrative Unit in 1976.It was upgraded into a full fledged Civil Sub-Division on 30th April, 1982.The State Government declared Resubelpara as a town on 29th November, 1995 and also created a Municipal Board on 28th February, 1997.The Resubelpara Civil Sub division was declared full fledged district by Dr. Mukul Sangma, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Meghalaya on 24th March 2012.The district was inaugurated by Dr. Mukul Sangma, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Meghalaya on 27th July 2012.


Article 50 of the Constitution of India puts an obligation on the State to separate the judiciary from the Executive. The objective is to ensure the independence of the Judiciary which can guarantee fair and neutral judicial system without interference or influence by the executive and legislative branches of the Government. In pursuance of this, the State Government under the orders of the Governor issued the  Notification No. LJ(A) 79/2000/Pt.VII7 dated 31st August, 2020 which provides for the separation of the judiciary from the executive in the North Garo Hills District thereby appointing the District & Sessions Judge as the Additional Deputy Commissioner, North Garo Hills District for the trial of all offences punishable with death, imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term of not less than five years under the Indian Penal Code or under any other Law for the time being applicable to the District and also to hear all Civil and Criminal revisions, appeals etc. from the decisions of the Assistants to the Deputy Commissioner within the said District. The said Notification also provides that the  District & Sessions Judge as Additional Deputy Commissioner shall, for the purpose aforesaid, exercise all the Judicial powers of the Deputy Commissioner within the said District with effect from 2nd September, 2020

The 2nd September, 2020 became a red letter day not only in the history of the District but also in the history of the Judiciary in Meghalaya. On this auspicious day, the separation of  the judiciary from the Executive in North Garo Hills District on the 2nd September, 2020 was formally attended by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Biswanath Sommadar, Chief Justice of the High Court of Meghalaya as the Chief Guest in the presence of Shri James P. K. Sangma, Hon’ble Law Minister of Meghalaya, Hon’ble Mr. Justice H.S. Thangkhiew, Judge, High Court of Meghalaya and Hon’ble Mr. Justice W. Diengdoh, Judge , High Court of Meghalaya. The programme was also attended by a host of dignitaries including the local representatives , Judicial Officers from other Districts , District Officials , students and other prominent citizens in the District.