The British arrived in Assam in the year 1826 as per Yandaboo Accord and since then they selected Dibrugarh as a centre of Administration as well as business purpose in Upper Assam. In the year 1842 Dibrugarh was announced as the Head Quarter of Lakhimpur District. The court was also shifted to Dibrugarh in the same year from Lakhimpur. Administrative functions were executed from ward No. 1 of the Central Jail of Dibrugarh till construction of a permanent court building. It is to be mentioned that ward No.1 was the first “Pacca” building in the entire North- East region. In the early stage the Sadaramin and the Munsiff court were established for Judicial Administration. These were established by the local reputed citizens. The function of revenue administration was not performed through the court. Probably the present court building was constructed in the year 1870. The required materials like rod, cement etc. were carried by steamer through the water route of River Brahmaputra for construction of court building. A bricklin was constructed at Chaulkhowa for making bricks. After passing about one and half century the court building is still standing proudly at Phulbagan near Brahmaputra River. Since more than 40 years the Judicial functions are running from this court building till today, it may be mentioned that the life of the building was expected for one hundred years only. In this regard, a letter was received by the Deputy Commissioner, Dibrugarh in the year 1999 from LONDON. It is sure that the building will last for more than one hundred years though it has already crossed long one hundred years. In the year 1967 the judicial branch was separated and fully established. Earlier the Deputy collector acted as the Administrative Head of the judicial branch also in Dibrugarh district. District & Sessions Judge was appointed in the district of Dibrugarh in 1967. The first District & Sessions Judge of Dibrugarh District was Sri Dhiren Chandra Sharma (B.Com, BAR-AT-LAW).

The District & Sessions Judges of Dibrugarh District:

1. Sri Dhiren Chandra Sharma (B.Com, BAR-AT-LAW) From 05.08.1967 to 05.04.1973

2.  Sri Dinesh Chandra Sangma (B.L) From 18.04.1973 to 02.07.1976

3.  Sri Nagendra Nath Hazarika (B.sc, B.L) From 17.09.1976 to 05.04.1979

4.  Sri Nripen Das (B.A., LLB) From 05.04.1979 to 09.05.1980

5.  Sri Siba Prasad Rajkhowa (M.A, LLB) From 19.05.1980 to 18.05.1982

6.  Sri G.S. Basumatari (LLB) From 02.08.1982 to 12.04.1985

7.  Sri Ram Mohan Chakravarty (M.A, LLB) From 12.04.1985 to 30.04.1986

8.  Sri Prabhat Chandra Phukan (M.A, LLB) From 30.04.1986 to 11.06.1990

9.  Sri B.N. Sarma (B.A., LLB) From 11.06.1990 to 31.03.1992

10.  Sri S.K.Dhar (M.A, LLB) From 08.04.1992 to 30.08.1994

11.  Sri I.A. Ansari (B.sc, LLB) From 26.09.1994 to 09.05.1996

12.  Sri G.M.Paul (M.A, LLB) From 24.06.1996 to 05.02.1999

13.  Sri D. Hazarika (M.A, LLB) From 05.02.1999 to 17.04.2002

14.  Sri. M.L. Chatterjee (M.A, LLB) From 24.04.2002 to 28.10.2002

15.  Sri M.P. Hazarika (M.A, LLB) From 28.10.2002 to 31.12.2004

16.  Dr. (Ms) Indira Shah (M.A, LLB, PhD) From 07.01.2005 to 06.02.2008

17.  Sri Lakheswar Hazarika (B.A, LLB) From 07.02.2008 to 31.12.2008

18.  Sri Naba Kamal Bora (AJS) From 12.01.2009 to 06.02.2012

19.  Sri Mir Alfaz Ali (AJS) From 10.02.2012 to 02.01.2013

20.  Mrs Rumi Kumari Phukan (AJS) From 09.01.2013 to 06.01.2015

21. Sri Sanjeev Kumar Sharma (AJS) From 19.02.2015 to 09.12.2016

22. Mrs. Susmita Phukan Khound (AJS) Form 28.12.2016 to 31.01.2020

23. Mr. Binod Kumar Chetri(AJS) From 06.02.2020 till date