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Hoshangabad is a beautiful city in the Indian States of Madhya Pradesh. This city lies in the Central Narmada Valley in the Northern Fringes of the Satpura Platteau. Northern boundary of the District Hoshangabad is river Narmada. Across this the Distt. of Raisen and Sehor lies. The Distt. of Betul lies in the South, whereas the Harda Distt. faces with the West and South Western boundaries and Narsingpur and Chindhwara Distt. close to the North Eastern and South Eastern sides of the District respectively. Hoshangabad City is a Distt. Headquarters of Hoshangabad District.


 Hoshangabad derived it's name from Sultan Hushang Shah Ghori; the second king to Malwa of the Ghori line who conquered it. Narmadapur was its erstwhile name. Its name appears first in the historical records during reign of Sultan Hushang Shah Ghori in 1405 AD. From 1835-1842 the Distt. of  Hoshangabad, Betul and Narsingpur were kept amalgamated into one with headquarters at Hoshangabad. On 9 August, 1961 Betul, on 14 November, 1969 Narsingpur and on 01 May, 2005 Harda was separated from Distt. Hoshangabad and formed Districts. (Source) Gazzetter Unit Directorate of State Language and Culture MP Government Bhopal.


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