History of Howrah Court

Howrah is one of the densiest districts in West Bengal (density : 2913 / Sq. -K.M.). It is situated betwen 22012' 30'' and 220 46' 55'' north latitude and 880 22'10'' and 870 50' 45'' east longitude. The name itself is possibly derived from a village named Harirah which was located in or about the site of modern Howrah City. Howrah also called HAORA lies along the westbank of the river Hooghly and directly opposite to Calcutta. It is Calcutta's largest satelite city and the second largest city in West Bengal. The twin of Kolkata is said to have a rich history that dates back to 500 years. Several luminaries of different fields were born in this district. Sarat Chandra -Chattopadhyay, the famous writer was born at vill.- Panitrash under Uluberia Sub-Division within this District. A renowned advocate, Barada Prasanna Pyne was a son of this District. Previously the Judicial and Administrative Side of this district was within the District of Hooghly.

The Hooghly-Howrah district was formed into separate administrative unit in 1793 and a Judge and a Magistrate were appointed there in the same year. The revenue jurisdiction of the district was separated only in 1819 prior which it formed part of the Burdwan Collectorate. In 1832 the District Judge was redesignated as the District & Sessions Judge. Howrah as an independent magisterial charge was separated from Hooghly in 1843 and was placed under Joint Magistrate but judicial administration continued under a unified judgeship for the two districts. In 1839 there were 9 Munsiffs in the Hooghly-Howrah district stationed at Hooghly, Nansoria, Mahanad, Baidyabati, Rajpur, Dwarhatta, Kshirpai, Baly and Uluberia. In 1860 there were 10 magisterial and 22 civil and revenue courts in the district which increased to 16 and 30 respectively in 1870-71. Through many happenings – historical and political, the present district has emerged and it has taken the present shape. It was transferred from Burdwan Division to Presidency Division under Government of West Bengal ( Notification No. 999-G /A dt. 1.03.1963). On January 1, 1938 an independent Judgeship was created exclusively for the District of Howrah. Mr. A. M. Ahmed was the first District & Sessions Judge of the independent judgeship of Howrah.

The District & Sessions Judge, Howrah has now under him 05 Addl. District & Sessions Judges, 03 Fast Track Courts of the Addl. District & Sessions Judges, 03 Civil Judge (Senior- Division) cum Asst. Sessions Judges, 07 Civil Judges ( Junior Division), 08 Judicial Magistrates including the Chief Judicial Magistrate, 01 Municipal Magistrate, 01 Railway Magistrate and 01 Principal Magistrate for the Juvenile Justice Board at the sadar whereas there is one Sub-Divisional Court at Uluberia consisting of 02 Addl. District & Sessions Judge, 01 Civil Judge (Senior Division) cum Asst. Sessions Judge, 02 Civil Judge ( Junior Division), 03 Judicial Magistrates including the Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate and a Court at Amta comprising of 01 Addl. District- & Sessions Judge, 01 Civil Judge (Junior Division) and 01 Judicial Magistrate.

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