West Godavari District Court


S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 Circulated Judgments Circulated Judgments
2 e-Committee e-Committee
3 eCommittee News Letters eCommittee News Letters
4 Court Location Mobile APP Court Location Mobile APP
5 Gradation List Gradation List
6 DLSA DLSA_25.pdf
7 Circular Memo No. 25035- 1-A1-HR.VI-TFR-2018 Circular .pdf
8 CIRCULAR - PUBLIC SERVICES : Maintenance of Confidential files of the employees working in subordinate courts Circular_34.pdf
9 Number Statements 2019-2020 Number Statements.pdf
10 Budget -Estimation M.H "2225 Welfare of SCs,STs and OBCs Major Head 2225-Welfare of SCs, STs, and OBCs.pdf
11 Compliance of Circular in ROC.NO 6901-OP Cell-2017 dated 06-12-2017 RocNo 6901-OPCELL-2017.pdf
12 Compliance of Circular in ROC.NO 2573-OP Cell-2018 dated 18-04-2018 Roc No2573-OP CELL-2018.pdf

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