S.No. Title Document
1 ACR Formate for Judicial Officers PDF icon ACR_4_0.pdf
2 commitment warrant PDF icon commitment warrant.pdf
3 kurki 83 in hindi PDF icon kurki 83 in hindi.pdf
4 kurki 82 & sum to accused PDF icon kurki 82 & sum to accused.pdf
5 statement u s 313 PDF icon statement u s 313.pdf
6 Cutody warrant 2 PDF icon Cutody warrant 2.pdf
7 summons to accused PDF icon summons to accused.pdf
8 summon to witness 2 PDF icon summon to witness 2.pdf
9 kurki u s 83 PDF icon kurki u s 83.pdf
10 distress warrant PDF icon distress warrant.pdf
11 warrant of arrest PDF icon warrant of arrest.pdf
12 charge with four head PDF icon charge with four head.pdf
13 charge with three head PDF icon charge with three head.pdf
14 charge with two head PDF icon charge with two head.pdf
15 commitment PDF icon commitment.pdf