South East Delhi
South East Delhi

Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
1 BAIL ROASTER DATED 09-12-2019 PDF icon bail roaster dated 09-12-2019.pdf 11/12/2019
2 Order regarding re-constitution of committees for South-East District. PDF icon committees south-east.pdf 11/12/2019
3 Order regarding appointment of of Judicial Officers to look after and supervise the work of Branches PDF icon branch incharge SE.pdf 11/12/2019
4 Notice regarding Destruction of unclaimed certified copies prepared till 30.06.2019 and applications for supply of certified copies (lying under objection) for the period of 01.07.2018 to 30.06.2019. PDF icon destruction of Cert copies.pdf 04/12/2019
5 Corrigendum with regard to Order no. 311 dated 26.11.2019. PDF icon corrgendum.pdf 04/12/2019
6 Order regarding Link Roster of Judicial Officers having Civil Jurisdiction. PDF icon link roster civil SE.pdf 27/11/2019
7 Order directing Judicial officers to paste a notice on the notice board of the respevtive courts. PDF icon notice board.pdf 26/11/2019
8 Order regarding reconstitution of Purchase Committee, South-East District. PDF icon purchase committee SE.pdf 26/11/2019
9 Order regarding appointment of Judicial Officers to look after and supervise the work of Branches. PDF icon branches SE.pdf 26/11/2019
10 Order with regard to dispose off all the identified old cases which weekly reports have been sent to Hon'ble high Court of Delhi by 31.03.2020 and to discontinue sending of progress reports of such cases on weekly basis. PDF icon progress report.pdf 26/11/2019