South East Delhi
South East Delhi

Duty Magistrate

S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 Notification of Duty Roster Duty Roster.pdf
2 Duty roster for the month of march 2019 duty roster(SE).pdf
3 Modified Duty Roster for Feb 2019 modified duty roster Feb19 (SE).pdf
4 Duty Roster for February 2019 Duty Roster for February 2019.pdf
5 Modified Link Roster dated 19-01-2019 Modified Link Roster dated 19-01-2019.pdf
6 Duty Roster for January 2019 Duty Roster for January 2019.pdf
7 Link Roster dated 03012019 Link Roster dated 03012019.pdf
8 Duty roster for the month of December 2018 duty roster south-East dec.pdf
9 Duty roster for the month of November 2018 duty roster nov south-east.pdf
10 Dutyroster for the month of October 2018. duty roster (southeast)oct.pdf
11 Modified Duty Roster for the Month of September 2018. dutyroster sept southeast.pdf
12 Duty roster for the month of September 2018 dutyroster southeast sept .pdf
13 Modified Duty Roster for September 2018 Modified Duty Roster September 2018.pdf
14 Duty roster for the month of August 2018 Duty Roaster-August1.pdf