District Court Faridabad
District Court Faridabad
District Court Faridabad

Circulars Notices

S.No. Title Attachment Upload Date
1 Gender Sensitization and internal complaint committee GSICC PDF icon Local complaints Committee.pdf 18/10/2018
2 Launch of CCR 3.0 (CIS Crystal Reports) for CIS 3.0, Android Based Mobile Application, Online Grievance & Feedback System, Surety Information Management System, Infrastructure Web Application, SBI MOPS (Multi Payment Option System) and E-Notices through PDF icon applications.pdf 12/09/2018
3 Starting of SMS services in CIS, in Subordinate Courts in the State of Punjab, Haryana & U.T. Chandigarh PDF icon 1109 SplCB2 (2014)_3_3.PDF 24/08/2018
4 Regarding undated cases PDF icon 2413 SplCB6 (2014) (1)_2.PDF 24/08/2018
5 Implementation of automated generation of process to parties & witness through CIS in all Civil, Criminal & Exection cases in all the Sessions Divions/Sub Divisions in the state of Punjab, Haryana & U.T. Chandigarh PDF icon 2272Spl CB(2014) (1)_3.PDF 24/08/2018
6 Instructions with regard to achieving centralized filing of all cases in District & Sub-Divisional Courts in Punjab, Haryana & U.T. Chandigarh. PDF icon 2244SplCB6(2014) (1)_2.PDF 24/08/2018
7 Instruction regarding uploading of complete & updated data on CIS, National Judicial Data Grid and High Court Server on daily basis. PDF icon 1365 SPL-CB6(2014) (2)_2.PDF 24/08/2018
8 Nodal Officer for Video Conferencing in Family Court matters PDF icon VC for FAMILY COURT_1.pdf 06/04/2017
9 Subordinate Courts of India : A Report on Access to Justice 2016 PDF icon A Report of access to Justice 2016.pdf 29/01/2017