S.No. Title Download/Detail
31 RTI Perticulars Aditional District and Sessions Court 1 Solan RTI-ADJ1-SOL.pdf
32 RTI Perticulars District and Sessions Court Solan rti-dj-sol.pdf
33 RTI Perticulars JMIC1 Court Solan rti-JMIC1.pdf
34 RTI Perticulars CJM Court Solan rti-cjm.pdf
35 eFiling notification-efiling.pdf
36 Office Order 17-04-2020 oo-17042020.pdf
37 Office Order 26-03-2020 oo-26-03-2020.pdf
38 Corrigendum 24-03-2020 cor-24-03-2020.pdf
39 Office Order 24-03-2020 oo-24-03-2020.pdf
40 Office Order 21-03-2020 oo-21-03-2020.pdf
41 Office Order family-court.pdf
42 Guidelines for preventive and strategic legal aid programme and creation of legal awareness about valuable rights of beneficiaries dlsa-guidelines.pdf
43 Gender Sensitization and Internal Complaints Committee at Sub-Divisional Level GSICC-taluka.pdf
44 Proclaimed Offenders List po.pdf
45 Real Time Pendency RTP-Dec-2021.pdf