S.No. Title Download/Detail
1 PUBLIC NOTICE scan0014.pdf
2 Public Notice dated 24/11/2015 of Hon'ble the Supreme Court of India. public_notice_01122015.pdf
3 Tender Notification Nazarat, Civil Court,Latehar, Nivida letter.pdf
4 Statement for the Quarter:- 1st Quarter,2016(For the period from January,2016 to March,2016) Scanned Document(New).pdf
5 eCommittee Newsletter- April 2016 eCommittee Newsletter - April 2016_88.pdf
6 Statement for the Quarter ,3rd Quarter,2016(For the period from July,2016 to ,September 2016) Letter_2.pdf
7 lnitiative Regarding Pro Bono Legal pro_bono_legal_service_17052017_1.pdf
8 Guidelines relating to the complaints against the members of Subordinate Judiciary in the District Court letter_426_16062017.pdf
9 Pro Bono Legal Services pro bono legal services_1.pdf
10 Statement for the Quarter,2017 (for the period from Oct,2017 to Dec,2017) New Doc 2018-01-02.pdf
11 01.Scanned Bill DLSA, Latehar Bill1.pdf
12 02.Scanned Bill DLSA, Latehar Bill 2.pdf
13 03. Scanned Bill DLSA, Latehar Bill 3.pdf
14 04.Scanned Bill DLSA, Latehar Bill 4.pdf
15 05.Scanned Bill DLSA, Latehar Bill 4_0.pdf